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How to Judge the Quality of New Baby Diapers?

After baby was born, the baby's affairs have become the top priority. How many times the baby needs to change diapers every day? What kind of diaper to choose? They are all difficult problems. So how many diapers a newborn needs to use every day, do mothers know? 7 pieces? 10 pieces? Assuming that newborns need to change a new baby diaper in 2 to 3 hours on average, with 7 urine and 3 stools per day, this works out to about 8 to 12 pieces per day.

However, did you know that the diapers you wear on your baby may come from a black-hearted workshop where flies are flying around. The raw materials may come from scraps from other manufacturers, most of which are shoddy, and the old materials are repeatedly processed and used. You may ask, how could anyone buy such diapers? In fact, the sales of such diapers are very amazing.

Parents are unable to guard against the tracks of inferior diaper merchants: under the slogan of small profits but quick turnover, they strive to win a good reputation at a loss in the early stage, and they quickly sell inferior diapers in the later stage. Sadly, using these low-quality diapers can cause serious harm to your baby in a subtle way. So how do you judge the quality of baby diaper wholesale?

1. Check the thickness of the new baby diapers

Diapers absorb urine mainly by polymer resin, which is a high-quality absorbent material. High-quality diapers use a large amount of polymer resin, so the overall diapers will be relatively thin, such as paper diapers, as thin as 0.2cm. And manufacturers of inferior diapers are reluctant to use this absorbent material. For this reason, it can only make up for it by increasing the cotton core, so it will look very thick.

2. Check the smell of new baby diapers

Many mothers say that the newly bought diapers will have a pungent smell, and they will be fine after opening them for a few days. In fact, this is wrong. Generally, high-quality new baby diapers do not have this irritating smell. If there is, it must be made of inferior materials and must not be used for babies.

3. Check the surface of the new baby diaper

The choice of diapers should take care of the baby's tender skin as the starting point. Try the softness of the diaper by hand or by sticking the diaper on the face. The surface of the diaper with good surface material is white and soft, and has a comfortable touch. The surface layer of inferior diapers is poor in workmanship, rough, and even falls off paper scraps on the surface layer. The diaper has a honeycomb soft raised surface layer, which is not only soft and comfortable, but also reduces the skin contact surface, increases air circulation, has strong water absorption and good breathability.

4. Check the breathability of new baby diapers

The breathable bottom film of the high-quality diaper China is breathable and impermeable, and each piece of breathable film has a large number of ventilation holes, which can dissipate the sultry moisture. The breathable bottom film of the inferior diaper is usually a composite material, and the whole surface is glued, so it will feel harder than the genuine one. The baby diaper supplier and diaper developers know that the bottom film is the layer that is in contact with the outermost skin of the baby, so the PE breathable film and hot air non-woven fabric are used, which are soft and breathable, and release the sultry moisture in time to reduce the friction with the baby's skin. Buy diapers in bulk from Winner rght now!

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