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How Much Do You Know About Compressed Face Cloths?

Compressed face cloths are another daily necessities after paper towels and wet wipes. Compressed face cloth refers to the use of non-woven fabrics that are cut into the shape of face cloths and then compressed into a certain shape of granular products. Compressed face cloths are generally very small in size after compression molding, so the outside of the product is usually packaged with very delicate packaging such as candy bags, capsules, etc.

1. Advantages of compressed face cloth products

(1) Small size, easy to carry, suitable for exquisite and lovely outer packaging.

(2) The product itself is dry, will not deteriorate, and can keep its quality forever.

(3) The product does not need to add any preservatives, and it is easy to meet the hygienic standard.

(4) Temporarily add water during use, which can match the user's desired water temperature according to different weather.

(5) Compressed cotton towel made of wood fibers have stronger toughness than paper towels and better safety than wet wipes. Compressed face cloths have a delicate hand feel than towels; the fully degradable material will not pollute the environment.

2. How to use the compressed face cloth

Compressed face cloth is a concentrated product. Usually, it is not easy to open and use it directly. Therefore, it needs to be opened by diluting it with water according to the illustration and manual. After it comes into contact with water, it will absorb water, expand and release, and then you can use it. You can use it by opening it in the order of folding by hand. If conditions permit, you can also add different fragrance types to the water according to your personal preferences, so that the face cloth can have a little fragrance you like. In addition, the compressed towel can be diluted with water of different temperature according to the needs of the weather or personal preference.

3. Identification of compressed face cloth products

(1) Look

After opening the package, the particles of the face cloth should be compact and have no burrs and no missing corners. After adding water, you should see that the compressed face cloth rises straight up and releases rather than being irregularly. After opening, observe that the face cloth is white but not shiny (if it is shiny, it means that it is made of chemical fiber), and check that the fabric is uniform and regular without fluff, etc.

(2) Smell

After opening the package or diluting with water, smell the odorless and pungent fragrance of the face cloth.

(3) Tear

Compressed face cloth will not break after adding water, but it should be easy to tear the face cloth from the longitudinal direction of the face cloth. If it is not easy to tear or is too easy to tear, it means that the material is not good enough.

(4) Experience

Wiping the skin with the open face cloth should feel very smooth and delicate without any discomfort.

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