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How to Get Plastic Free Pads and Tampons?

How many sanitary pads/tampons are used? There are few estimates in the scientific literature, but many sources suggest that women who use disposable sanitary pads use them 2-4 times a day. If a woman bleeds for 5/28 days, that means 130-260 pads/tampons per year, or 5,000-10,000 during her reproductive years. If those numbers correspond to all plastic products, no wonder menstrual products are one of the biggest sources of plastic pollution.

Say no to plastic

Winner Medical strictly selects global high-quality cotton as the core raw material, and uses 100% cotton to make sanitary pads, which are biodegradable from the top sheet of the sanitary pad to the back sheet of the sanitary pad. Winner Medical has more than 30 years of medical product manufacturing experience, manufacturing sanitary pads with rigorous attitude and sense of responsibility. From the beginning of the production of raw materials, we have adhered to eco-friendly production methods, refused to add harmful compounds, and actively assumed the responsibility of an enterprise that protects the environment.

The problem with plastic in periods

As we all know, cotton is a natural fiber that drives sustainable development from cultivation to use. For brands and retailers around the world, one of the most important ways to engage with consumers on sustainability is to promote the use of cotton. Because consumers associate 100% cotton with sustainability more often than fabrics such as wool, silk, polyester, rayon or spandex.

1、Marine Pollution

The biggest problem with plastic is that the microfibers in them contribute to ocean waste pollution.

2、Health Risks

Plastic sanitary pads are made from synthetic fibers, which are a disaster for those with sensitive skin. The average wearing time of each sanitary pad is 2-4 hours. For such a long time in a humid environment, plastic fibers are prone to skin allergies. In addition, in the production process of plastic sanitary pad, chemical additives may be used, such as chlorine, fluorescent agents, fragrances, etc. Dioxins, a highly toxic pollutant, are produced during bleaching with chlorine. Over time, dioxins build up in the body's fat stores, where they can stay for up to 20 years.

Get free from plastic

In the past, due to technical limitations, the sanitary pads manufacturers produced wholesale sanitary pads containing plastic, so people are also accustomed to using plastic sanitary pads. Now with the advancement of technology and the increasing environmental awareness of consumers, many brands have launched plastic-free menstrual solutions.

1. The top sheet of the sanitary pad is made of 100% cotton

2. Naturally degradable bio-based sanitary pad back sheet

3. Menstrual cups

4. Menstrual underwear that can be washed repeatedly

How to get plastic-free pads and tampons

Winner Medical is a Chinese manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience in R&D and the production of cotton products. We not only produce sanitary napkin surface material - 100% cotton spunlace nonwoven fabric, but also provide OEM custom production services for plastic-free sanitary napkins.

1. Innovate the traditional process. We use raw cotton directly, and adopt the process of spunlacing and then degreasing, which keeps the length and toughness of the cotton fiber from damage to the greatest extent, and retains the softness of the cotton.

2. Safe and clean production environment. Each production process is completed in a high-standard purification workshop, which controls the initial contaminating bacteria to a very low level, making it suitable for medical, hygiene and home care products.

3. Computer automatic detection system. Through computer automatic control, the automatic detection system eliminates the mixing of foreign fibers and sundries, so as to produce the purest healthy cotton products.

4. Social responsibility. Winner Medical actively promotes sustainable development, builds green power, and spares no effort in fulfilling its environmental responsibility.

If you are looking for green and plastic-free sanitary pad manufacturers for your brand, Winner will be perfect to help you drive brand building.

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