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How to Judge Whether Pure Cotton Sanitary Pads Are Good or Not?

"Sanitary pads should be made of pure cotton", intimate clothing should be made of pure cotton, and sanitary pads should also be made of pure cotton. Today, let's talk about: How to check whether the pure cotton sanitary pad is good or not, and what to pay attention to when purchasing.

1. Qualification of pure cotton sanitary pads brand manufacturers

When girls buy pure cotton sanitary pads, they should pay attention to the brand manufacturer's qualifications, especially e-business brands or some new brands. For women's personal care products, it is better to choose brands with brand history and a good reputation. After all, hygiene and cleanliness are very important for personal care products. It does not mean that e-businesses or new brands are necessarily bad, but big brands will be more reliable, and there are stricter standards in a series of production links such as raw materials, materials, design, craftsmanship, and production links. The quality of pure cotton sanitary pads produced under strict standards is relatively guaranteed. The new type of sanitary pads produced with high-quality materials is skin-friendly, non-irritating, hypoallergenic, and can be said to be "zero" damage to the skin, so it rests assured to use.

2. Description of packaging materials of pure cotton sanitary pads

Are pure cotton sanitary pads good or not, and what should you pay attention to when buying them? You may have questions about this issue. Pure cotton sanitary pads are skin-friendly and non-allergic, but how do judge whether it is really "pure cotton"? Indeed, some brands on the market use the guise of "pure cotton sanitary pads", but they are not actually "pure cotton".

Here you can teach a small method to detect whether it is pure cotton. The first is to cut a piece of the surface layer of the sanitary pad, and observe the cloth surface under the light source, to see whether there is a non-reflective matte effect (this method is used to distinguish synthetic cellulose fiber products, and synthetic cellulose fiber products show a mercerized effect, such as viscose products). Then ignite it with a lighter, and see whether the sanitary pad will burn quickly until it is completely burned, leaving little grey-black ashes, which are pure cotton sanitary pads; the other one will have black smoke if it burns, and will eventually form black lumps, then this must be a non-pure cotton surface sanitary pad doped with chemical fibers. This method is relatively simple and can roughly and quickly determine whether it is pure cotton. The cotton used in the new type of sanitary pads is imported raw cotton, which is very skin-friendly and soft, and there is no obvious friction when using it; no chemical ingredients are added, with low sensitivity, and little damage to the skin, so it is a very good pure cotton sanitary pad.

The advantages of pure cotton eco-sanitary pads are nothing more than softness, skin-friendly, non-irritating, hypoallergenic, and no harm to the skin. I hope today's sharing will be helpful for you to buy wholesale sanitary pads.

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