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How to Identify the Quality of Non Woven Packaging Bag?

Due to the increasing emphasis on environmental protection in the world and the strengthening of personal environmental protection awareness, the requirements for the inner packaging of products are also getting higher and higher. As a globally recognized environmentally friendly product, non woven packaging bags on the market are gradually replacing traditional plastic packaging bags. However, when facing all kinds of non woven inner packaging bags, how do judge their quality? When purchasing non woven inner packaging bags, you must carefully check all parts and details. In order to allow you to choose high-quality non woven inner packaging bags, we will give a brief introduction to the purchasing skills for your reference. The quality of non woven inner packaging bags is distinguished as follows.

1. Thickness uniformity of non woven cloth bags

Good fabrics will not have a large difference in thickness in a light environment, but poor fabrics will appear very uneven, and the texture contrast of the fabrics will be larger. This will greatly reduce the load-bearing weight of the fabric. At the same time, from the feel of the fabric, the poor fabric will feel very hard and not soft.

2. The elasticity of the non woven cloth bags

Cotton nonwoven fabric is a kind of non woven fabric, which directly uses polymer chips, short fibers or filaments to form fibers through air flow or machinery, and then is reinforced by hydroentanglement, needle punching or hot rolling, and then finished. Formed non woven fabric. In order to reduce costs, some recycled materials (ie, recycled materials) and a corresponding proportion of curing agents are added to the raw materials, so that the fabrics produced in this way have poor tensile strength and are difficult to restore. Therefore, it feels thick, stiff and not soft. In this case, the bearing capacity will be very poor, and the decomposition will be much more difficult, which is not environmentally friendly.

3. The line distance of the non woven cloth bags

The force requirement of the fabric texture is 5 stitches per inch, so that the bags sewn in this way are both beautiful and have strong bearing capacity. However, the line distance of the non woven cloth bags are less than 5 needles per inch, and the bearing capacity is poor.

4. Load-bearing of non woven cloth bags

The load-bearing capacity of cotton non woven cloth bags has a lot to do with the tensile resistance, elasticity, and thread spacing and thread of the bag material. It adopts imported environmentally friendly materials, and the thread adopts pure cotton thread, and the distance between the threads is strictly in accordance with the distance of one inch and 5 needles, so as to ensure the carrying weight of the bag.

5. Printing clarity of non woven cloth bags

The net is not sun-dried firmly, the drawing is uneven, the force of the printing master when scraping the ink is uneven, and the viscosity of the pulp adjusted by the pulping master will cause the printed pattern to be unclear.

The above is the introduction to the purchase of cotton non woven inner packaging bags. If you want to know more about non woven inner packaging bags, please continue to pay attention to the official website of our Winner Medical Co., Ltd.

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