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Significant Advantages of Non-woven Eco Bags in the Low-carbon Era

With the rise of temperature and the deterioration of water resources, a lot of countries are now advocating environmental protection. As early as many years ago, white pollution has swept the world. In this context, non woven eco bags have been widely used in people's lives. Thanks to environmental protection features, it has also been used as handbags. The enhancement of environmental protection awareness has made eco-friendly handbags widely used. Therefore, what are the significant advantages of non woven eco bags?

1. The advantages of non-woven eco bags in the low-carbon era

(1) Non woven eco bags can greatly reduce the use of plastic bags. After the advent of non woven eco bags, we have greatly reduced the use of plastic bags. Eco-friendly handbags are more eco-friendly than plastic bags, easier to decompose and more beautiful.

(2) It has a longer lifespan than paper bags and plastic bags. The service life of paper for paper bag is very short, and it will be deformed, discolored, or even unusable when wet; plastic bags are waterproof, but easy to break, and not eco-friendly; eco-friendly non woven bags are not only eco-friendly and beautiful, but also quite strong.

(3) Recyclable non woven eco bags. We all know that eco-friendly handbags are sturdy and can be used multiple times. If plastic bags are used, most of them are disposable, but we will not choose non woven eco bag for one-time use, and will definitely use it for many times unconsciously.

2. Environmental protection and public welfare value of non-woven bags

Non woven eco bag is a kind of green environmental protection product, which is tough and durable, beautiful in appearance, good in air permeability, reusable, and washable. Advertisements and marks can be printed on it with the silk screen printing technology. What's more, it has a long service life. It is suitable for any company and any industry for advertising, gifts and as an outer packaging.

The repeated use of non-woven packaging bags greatly reduces the pressure of waste conversion. Coupled with the concept of environmental protection, it can better reflect the image of the company and the effect of being close to the people. The potential value brought by these factors cannot be bought by money. Compared with plastic bags, it is much easier to print patterns on non woven bags, and the color expression is more vivid. In addition, it can be used repeatedly. You can consider printing more beautiful patterns and advertisements on non woven shopping bags than on plastic bags. Because the loss rate of its repeated use is lower than that of plastic bags, non woven shopping bags are more cost-effective, and can bring more obvious advertising benefits.

Traditional plastic shopping bags are thin in terms of texture and easily damaged in order to save costs. But if manufacturers want to make it stronger, it will inevitably cost more. The emergence of non woven shopping bags solves all problems. Non woven shopping bags have strong toughness and are not easy to wear. There are also many coated non woven shopping bags, which not only ensure firmness, but also have the advantages of waterproof, good hand feeling and beautiful appearance. Although the cost of a single non woven shopping bag is a little higher than that of plastic bags, the service life of a non woven shopping bag can be worth hundreds or even thousands of plastic bags.

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