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What is a Good Quality Diaper?

Many parents spend a lot of thought on selecting infant diapers, selecting good brands of good quality infant diapers to ensure that the products are used with peace of mind, but often do not notice that there is a scientific method of using diapers. If used in the wrong way, even the best diapers can cause discomfort to the baby's skin.

1. High quality diapers with good absorbency

Fast absorption can reduce the contact time between urine and skin, which naturally reduces the chance of diaper rash for your baby. More absorption can reduce the frequency of replacement and less disturbance to the baby who is sleeping.

2. Dry and non-returning diapers of high quality

Choose dry and non-returning diapers so that the sleeping baby will not be disturbed by wet diapers and the chances of diaper rash will be reduced.

3. Nourishing protective layer of quality diapers

Quality diapers usually add natural skin care ingredients to the non-woven fabric on the surface to form a soft protective layer with skin care ingredients to moisturize baby's delicate skin.

4. Quality diapers with leak-proof design

Choosing baby diaper wholesale with leak-proof design can prevent baby's excrement from seeping out. Also pay attention to whether the leather straps are too tight and make the baby uncomfortable.

5. The texture of soft quality diapers

Baby's skin is very delicate. If the diaper is not soft enough, it is easy to rub the baby's skin and cause the little bottom to become red or even rubbed. So, texture is also an important aspect of the choice.

6. Lightweight and breathable quality diapers

Baby's bowel movements are irregular, and it is difficult for new parents to master the key. So when choosing a baby quality diaper from wholesale baby diapers suppliers, you should also pay attention to choosing a light diaper with good breathability.

7. Cut-to-fit quality diapers

Every baby's body shape is different, so choose a cut design that fits the baby, such as U-shaped fit design. It is best for moms to buy small packages and try them on several times to find the right brand.

Baby parents should remember to pick big brands of diapers when selecting diapers. The production of eco friendly disposable diapers requires a variety of equipment, which is a heavy asset that not all small brands can afford. The big brands often choose to produce and sell their own products to ensure more stable product quality. At the same time, the foundry selected by the small brands in order to compress costs, may replace the raw materials, ultimately leading to the products with a lot of hidden problems. So big brand diapers are more secure to buy. In addition, when buy diapers in bulk from baby diaper manufacturer, pay attention to checking the production unit, date, implementation standards, shelf life, etc., to ensure that the goods are regular and reliable.

As babies grow up, their height and weight will change, so parents should pick the right size diaper for their growing baby, otherwise it will easily cause discomfort to the baby. In addition, when the diaper package is unpacked, pay attention to putting it in a dry and clean environment and using it up within the appropriate time. Because, when the diaper package is unpacked, the product will be in direct contact with the outside world, and the outside air will bring some bacteria and impurities to the diaper to affect its hygiene index, so it needs to be used up within an appropriate time. In addition, when the environment is humid, it is very easy to make the diaper's water absorption decline, affecting its quality.

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