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How to Properly Use Makeup Cotton of Different Materials?

Cosmetics and various makeup tools are the most indispensable in girls' bags, and makeup cotton is one of the commonly used makeup tools. When it comes to makeup cottons, you may feel that they are optional and vary from person to person. People "using hand" and people "using makeup cotton" have been two sides of the argument since the beginning, there is no absolute right or wrong, but there are endless topics. Then today we talk about the latter one.

1. A family of makeup cottons with many members

Whether it is pure cotton or fiber, thick or light, locking edge or printed, makeup cotton that can be used for skin care should use the highest safety level of absorbent cotton and fiber cotton as the main raw materials,, although the highest level of cotton will still use some of the animal fibers.

(1) Popular pure skim cotton type

The cotton is chemically degreased to make it easier to absorb liquid than ordinary cotton, and is the thickest of all types of cotton, some of which will be embossed to keep its texture tight and not loose.

(2) The most skin-friendly type of pure fiber cotton

It is made of plant fiber or paper fiber after special treatment, touching smoother than pure skim cotton type, which is also thinner. Besides, the fit with the skin is also better.

(3) Two in one type of fiber cotton + skim cotton

The two together is not chemically mixed, but simply pressed together in order to combine the advantages of each other. Usually it is embossed on one side or both sides, which can be easily peeled off into thinner ones for reuse.

(4) Mini mask type non-woven fabric

For example, we usually use the mini version of one-piece non-woven mask, which is soft, with minimal damage to the skin.

(5) Exclusive high-end animal fibers

Using organic wool as the main ingredient, it is softer and can only be used in toners, serums and lotions, though it is slightly more expensive.

2. Different needs determine the choice of makeup cottons

(1) Clean and remove makeup

Pure fiber makeup cottons should be selected because their fibers are relatively hard and easy to pull at the skin, but makeup remover products contain ingredients that reduce this friction.

(2) For toner

You should choose the thickest pure skim cotton type cotton. Because the amount of toner is large, at this time makeup cotton should meet the highest requirements for the absorbency, while too thin makeup cotton will leak away the toner.

(3) For essence and lotion

Relatively thin pure skim cotton type makeup cottons will do. Because the absorption capacity and permeability of essence and lotion are very good, cotton only plays a role of import. Therefore, too thick makeup cotton will cause a waste.

(4) For mask

Pure fiber cotton or non-woven cotton can be used, because the two fit well with the skin, which can form a sealed environment to promote the absorption of mask nutrients, while preventing the mask from slipping.

(5) For eye mask

Makeup cottons without edge pressing are best when torn. Because of the large curvature of the eyeball, it requires more tight and gentle fitting. Whether it is pure absorbent cotton or pure fiber cotton, it is good to tear it to the thinest.

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