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Is Non Woven Packaging Replacing Traditional Packaging Inevitable?

Ⅰ. Why are non woven packaging bags better than paper bags?

Nowadays, non woven environmental protection bags are more and more widely used. The durability and environmental protection of non woven fabric biodegradable are more advantageous than paper bags. Most manufacturers have given up the packaging of paper bags, so why are so many manufacturers now using non woven bags for packaging. We will analyze it from several aspects:

(1) After continuous production and improvement of environmental protection bags, the technology has been relatively mature. From the previous single color to the current color diversification, it can fully meet the requirements of printing. The non woven film-coated environmental protection bags made by the current technology are printed in bright colors, which can clearly show the various characteristics of the product.

(2) In recent years, the production of environmental protection bags has undergone rapid development, and the industrial chain has been perfected. The production cost and material loss of each process are better and better controlled, so the price of the environmental protection bag has also greatly strengthened the competitiveness of the product.

(3) non woven bags can be recycled many times, and the wear resistance and waterproof performance are stronger than those of paper bags. Paper bags cannot be recycled many times but the price will be higher than that of non woven bags. It can also play a very good advertising effect, and the price is low.

(4) non woven packaging bags are easy to decompose after recycling. The existence of the plastic restriction order can fully reflect the living space of non woven environmental protection bags. And its easy decomposition can reduce environmental pollution and greatly reduce plastic bags. However, the production of paper bags will waste a lot of forest resources, which is contrary to afforestation.

The high-performance non woven material is breathable, lint- and lint-free, and durable. The 0.15-dite ultra-fine fiber provides gentle protection to the product surface, ensuring no scratches and texture transfer.

Ⅱ. Replacing traditional packaging with non woven packaging bags is inevitable

(1) Economic effects

Starting from the gradual withdrawal of plastic bags from the packaging market of items, they are replaced by non woven packaging bags that can be used repeatedly. Compared with plastic bags, non woven bags are easier to print patterns, and the color expression is more vivid. Plus it can be used repeatedly, you can consider adding more beautiful patterns and advertisements to non woven bags than plastic bags.

(2) Protect the product

Biodegradable non woven packaging bags can prevent goods from being damaged by external shocks during circulation and storage, and enhance the packaging and protection of the packaging body. Commodity packaging not only needs to have beautiful appearance, high-quality materials, and innovative design concepts, but also the packaging structure can affect the quality of packaging technology. The packaging structure design reflects the containment, protection and convenience from the function of the design.

(3) Environmental public welfare value

The repeated use of non woven packaging bags greatly reduces the pressure of waste conversion. Coupled with the concept of environmental protection, it can better reflect the image of the company and the effect of being close to the people. In addition, the potential value brought by it is not replaceable by money.

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