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Kitchen Wipes Help Us Get Rid of Kitchen Grease

When it comes to doing housework, a lot of time is spent on cleaning up the kitchen every day. Especially it takes a long time to clean the range hood full of oil stains and the stovetop with many oil stains. Usually a strong stain remover is used, but it is found that users' hands were getting rougher and rougher every time they used it. It has been found that kitchen wipes are the best choice, which can effectively remove oil stains without hurting hands. Kitchen wipes are also a good cleaning item for unlimited repurchase at home.

1. Kitchen wipes are safe and healthy

The packaging of kitchen wipes is the same as the packaging of bulk buy wet wipes. It is a flip-top design. The outside is flipped and the inner layer is an aluminum film design. You can use it anytime and anywhere, which can reduce the evaporation of moisture from the wipes. The paper of the wipes is the spunlace nonwoven fabric, free of heavy metals and bacteria, which is safe to use. There is also a specially designed texture, which can enhance friction, help take away small stains, and be flexible and thick without breaking after repeated wiping. The wipes are large and thick, as thick and durable as towels.

2. Kitchen wipes have strong decontamination ability

As soon as the kitchen cleaning wet wipes are opened, the smell is fresh and good, and it is not irritating at all. There is also aloe lemon essence in it, which will not dry your hands after use, and will not hurt your hands at all. The mild formula ensures it is safe to use. Kitchen wipes do not contain fluorescent whitening agents, nor do they contain alcohol, pigments and formaldehyde. There are no harmful additions. They have passed the skin irritation test and meet national standards, so they will not harm our skin and cause any damage. The decontamination ability is also very strong. In particular, the decontamination factor, is added, which is an ingredient with high sterilization ability and safety at present, and the decontamination ability is higher than the national standard. It also has a low-foaming formula. It won't get your hands dirty when cooking. After cooking, the stove and table are covered with oil stains. Then you only need to wipe it with a kitchen wipe, and the stove will be as clean as ever, so oil stains that are the most stubborn and hardest to clean are no longer a problem.

Kitchen wipes are generally made of thickened spunlace non-woven fabric for wet wipes which have a good protective effect on cleaning wooden, aluminum, copper, ceramic and other tableware, and will not scratch the surface like ordinary steel balls. There are also many usage scenarios for kitchen wipes, such as oil contamination on the surface of kitchen utensils and appliances such as the cleaning and maintenance of range hoods, gas stoves, stoves, dining tables, tableware, food containers, sinks, ceramic wall tiles, exhaust fans, refrigerators, etc.

Kitchen wipes are particularly durable. After cooking, wipe them with a kitchen wipe. There is no need to use traditional rags to clean them, which may be soaked with oil stains and will be sticky. Thanks to the kitchen cleaning wipes, these problems have been solved.

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