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Knowledge About Sanitary Napkin

1. The basic knowledge of sanitary napkins

Tampons, also known as sanitary napkins, are absorbent substances, mainly made of cotton pulp and polymer absorbers, which are used to absorb menstrual blood from the vagina when a woman has her period.

2. The basic introduction of sanitary napkins

(1) The structure of sanitary napkins

The construction of sanitary napkin can be divided into surface layer, absorbent core and bottom layer, and the layers of materials are bonded to each other with hot melt adhesive. The surface layer is the part in direct contact with the skin, and its material must be soft. The weave and indentation of the surface determine the effect of absorption of menstrual blood without re-infiltration.

PE perforated membrane and cotton are the two most commonly used surface materials. PE surface with microporous design can make menstrual blood not easy to re-infiltrate, so that users have a dry feeling. Due to the improvement of cotton absorptive design, its market share after 2001 is gradually higher than that of PE surface sanitary napkins.

The inner layer is mainly a polymer made of cotton, non-woven fabric, pulp or a combination of these materials, and a polymeric absorbent factor to absorb the menstrual blood. The design of the side is mainly used to prevent side leakage, because when using the sanitary napkin body at an angle, it is easier to rub with the groin, the use of soft material side of the sanitary napkin is more popular among women.

The back glue of sanitary napkins is impermeable, which can retain menstrual blood in the sanitary napkins. In the 1970s and 1980s, self-adhesive back glue was developed, which is easy to fix the sanitary napkins on the bottom pants.

(2) Use method

One is a long strip with no "ears" on either side.

In terms of this kind of sanitary napkin, rip the packaging bag, take out the sanitary napkin and unfold, and then tear off the paper belt on the reverse side of the sanitary napkin (this paper belt is to prevent the sanitary napkin from sticking to the packaging with no other use, and can be thrown away after tearing), align the adhesive side of the sanitary napkin with the underwear, and the sanitary napkin is well placed.

Another kind of sanitary napkin is a long strip in the middle, with an "ear" on each side.

The usage of this sanitary napkin is to open the package, take out the sanitary napkin, first tear off the paper tape in the middle, glue the side to the middle of the underwear, two ears at the narrowest part of the underwear. Then tear off the small piece of adhesive paper on the back of the "ear", fold the "ear" back to the front and stick firmly, because there is the adhesive tape at the bottom of the sanitary napkin, coupled with the fixed "ear" from both sides, the sanitary napkin will be firmly stuck to the bottom of the underwear, and it is not easy to shift when it is active.

(3) Storage method

Sanitary napkins should be stored in a dry, sterile environment and have a certain expiry date. If sanitary napkins are damp or stored for too long, they will deteriorate and become contaminated even if they are not opened.

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