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Medical Nonwovens Market Analysis

According to Data Bridge Market Research, the medical nonwoven market is expected to gain market growth in the forecast period of 2022 to 2028, the market to grow at a CAGR of 4.90% during the period. The major factors that drive the growth of the medical nonwoven disposables market, globally, are the increasing count of an ageing population, improved healthcare infrastructure, rising per capita spending on healthcare, improving hygiene habits, and favourable government regulations. North America holds the largest market for medical nonwoven disposables owing to the high consumption rate of advanced medical products, and a comparatively higher level of consciousness for hygiene. However, over the forecast period, Asia Pacific would emerge as the fastest-growing region. China, particularly, is expected to drive market growth in the Asia-Pacific region.

Non-Woven Fabric Used for Medical Purposes

The use of nonwovens in the medical arena goes back to the time the Second World War when the need for new and large volumes of medical products had arisen. Wound care was and still is the primary use for medical and surgical nonwovens. Nonwovens find applications in a variety of products viz. absorbent pads, incontinence products, apparel for patients and staff, baby diapers, bed linen, and blankets, burn dressings, gowns, disposable cotton underwear, dressings, drug delivery devices, face masks, filter media, nasal strips, pillows, shoe covers, sponges, sutures, tissue scaffolds, towels, wraps, etc.

Non Woven Fabric Used for Medical Purposes

Why Are Non-Woven Fabrics Used in Medical Textiles?

Nonwoven has a well-established reputation for conforming to the special needs/demands of medical settings, thanks to the following characteristics:

-Uncanny effectiveness/efficiency

-High performance (vapour transmission, air permeability, comfort, feel, etc.)

-Superior barrier-providing capacity

-Excellent user protection (high tearing & abrasion resistance, etc.)

-Good cross-contamination control

-Unbeatable wound-caring (absorbent pads, drug-delivery devices, bandages, etc.)

-Well-documented usage in ICUs, labs, operating rooms, etc.

Why Are Non-Woven Fabrics Used in Medical Textiles?

Wholesale Medical Non-Woven Fabric

Winner Medical has more than 30 years of experience in cotton product production and R&D. In 2005, Winner Medical independently developed cotton spun lace nonwoven cloth and obtained patent certificates from many countries. Winner Medical's medical cotton fabric is made of 100% cotton, through the opening and loosening of the cotton, using a cutting-edge carding machine, a net laying machine, and a drafting machine to organize the pure cotton into a net, and then use the high-density needle-shaped water column formed after pressurization. Winner Medical's nonwoven fabric for medical uses has the following major features:

-The same touch as cotton, soft and skin-friendly.

-Good water absorption and air permeability

-100% biodegradable

-Strong transverse and longitudinal tensile force, high-temperature resistance

-Short production time, safety and environmental protection

-The initial contamination bacteria are controlled within 100cfu/g

-No dandruff, no fluff, no static electricity, no allergy

As a leading non woven spunlace fabric manufacturer, Winner Medical is committed to a variety of application solutions for cotton spunlace nonwoven. Welcome to inquire about wholesale medical non-woven fabric.

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