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Moisture Wipe: You Need to Know These Knowledge

As the temperature plummets, it is also important to prepare for virus prevention in addition to wearing warm clothes and eating well. It is also important to prepare moisture wipes, which are now a common item on the street and in bags. The choice is also a complicated problem. Moisture wipes in particular have been rumored to be harmful because of additives, so what's in moisture wipes? 

1. Analysis of the components of moisture wipes

(1) Water: refined water, pure water, RO pure water

The content of liquid medicine in moisture wipes generally accounts for about 80%, and the level of content affects the dry and wet feeling. More than 90% of liquid medicine is water. In order to avoid the reaction between water and liquid medicine, water in a moisture wipe must be specially treated water.

(2) Moisturizer of moisture wipe: propylene glycol

Propylene glycol is a solvent and a moisturizer. It can help the effective substances in the solution to dissolve in water so that the water does not easily evaporate out, and it can play an antibacterial, antiseptic effect, so almost all the moisture wipes used have it.

(3) Preservatives of moisture wipe: phenoxyethanol, etc.

Moisture wipes contain a lot of water and different substances. In order to keep the effective substances active, it is necessary to add preservatives, but the content is usually very low, which will not have a negative impact.

(4) Antibacterial agent of moisture wipe

There are many types of antimicrobial agents, both chemical synthetic antimicrobial agents and natural antimicrobial agents. As the name implies, the effect is to destroy bacteria and inhibit bacterial reproduction.

(5) Non-ionic surfactants

Laundry detergent and most detergents contain non-ionic surfactants, which are used to remove dirt and grease and achieve cleaning effects. In addition, there are other natural ingredients, such as chamomile oil with soothing and anti-inflammatory effects; aloe vera extract, with moisturizing and nourishing effects.

2. The classification of moisture wipes

(1) Cleaning wet tissue wipes: the most widely used, easy to carry, is not easy to wash with water out of the house, available for cleaning, ready to use at any time to take, and very convenient. (You may also be interested in pet wipes manufacturers)

(2) Makeup remover moisture wipes: clean and moisturizing ingredients, can remove makeup residues, and replenish moisture, to avoid dry lines on the face.

(3) Baby-type moisture wipes: added aloe vera, glycerin and other ingredients, mild nature.

(4) Family-type moisture wipes: the cheapest, for families with high requirements for cleanliness.

(5) Toilet moisture wipes: relatively high cost, the popular fart paper on the market mainly for perianal cleaning after the stool, mainly for families with a high degree of cleanliness.

If it is only ordinary cleaning, you can choose ordinary moisture wipes. If you want to achieve sterilization or germicidal effect, then choose sanitary moisture wipes. The two kinds of moisture wipes have a obvious difference in the name, because only moisture wipes with bactericidal effect can be labeled with "sanitary moisture wipes" on the outer package. As a leading wet wipes supplier in China, Purcotton provides high-quality wet wipes OEM and spunlace wipes with soft wet wipes material, feel free to contact us.

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