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Practical Stuff for Your Baby: Baby Wipes

Traveling with a baby has always been the wish of many young mothers. But they have to bring things and hold their children when they go out, so they hope that the fewer things, the better. And cotton baby wipes and cotton soft towels must be brought, because after all, babies are vulnerable to bacteria and viruses, and children like to experience the world with their small hands, so good personal hygiene can prevent infectious diseases such as hand-foot-and-mouth disease.

1. The ingredients of cotton baby wipes are safe and can protect the health of the baby

Usually if parents take the babies out to play, baby wipes can clean their hands anytime and anywhere, so that mothers can feel more at ease. The composition of cotton baby wipes is very simple: natural cotton fiber and pure water that has been filtered and purified seven times, which is the standard pharmaceutical-grade water. There is no irritating ingredients. It is mild, skin-friendly and non-irritating, with no harm to the baby's skin, zero irritation and zero allergy. Besides, it has natural antibacterial effect, and can take care of baby's delicate skin. The water content is just right, so it won't dry out after a long time, and it won't feel sticky after wiping.

The moisture wipes are made of pearl pattern, which is very thick and will not shed scraps, and it is also designed without continuous pumping. Every time you take out one piece, you just get one. Unlike other products, you will get many wipes with one pumping. After eating outside, you can use it to wipe your mouth, and you can also use it incidentally to wipe the table, so it will not be wasted. Hand and mouth wipes are specially designed for baby's hands and mouth, which can help your baby develop a good habit of loving hygiene. Moreover, the packaging can lock double water, so the moisture is fully protected. And it is very convenient to carry a pack when going out.

2. Baby wipes are mild and non-irritating

Cotton baby wipes are moisturizing cotton non woven wet wipes, with the same touch as a towel, which are softer than a towel, clean and delicate. It can be used in place of towels. No alcohol fragrance, fluorescent whitening agent, or formaldehyde is added. It is specially designed for baby's sensitive skin, which is mild and skin-friendly without irritation. 100% high-quality imported long cotton fiber is selected, so it is soft to the touch, can care for baby's skin, and is safe to use in hand and mouth. The Japanese moisturizing factor is added, which reduces the friction between the paper towel and the face. The cotton baby wipes are not easy to break, and they are easy to unfold. It is a must for traveling. It can be used to wash baby’s face, butt, hair, or used as a saliva towel.

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