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Sanitary Pads: One of the Key Factors for Menstrual Hygiene

From the first menstruation, sanitary pads have become one of the closest "companions" in a woman's life. According to the general calculation of the onset of menstruation and menopause, every woman has at least 40 years of dealing with sanitary pads in her lifetime. However, not everyone has the correct menstrual hygiene knowledge and may even be unaware of being at high risk of infection during menstruation.

Sanitary pads are one of the key factors determining menstrual hygiene. Healthy women should not only do various gynecological care but also pay attention to not letting sanitary pads become a "breeding ground" for bacteria.

These misconceptions must be corrected when using sanitary pads

Change sanitary napkins only when wet

During menstruation, remember to change sanitary pads frequently, preferably every few hours and adjust according to personal blood flow. Even if the flow is light, do not use the same sanitary pad all day.

Wash hands before replacing sanitary pads

Most people know they need to wash their hands before eating and after going to the toilet, but they don't pay much attention to other times. However, did you know that you need to wash your hands before changing sanitary pads too? This is because during the process of opening the sanitary pad package and changing it, bacteria-laden hands will touch the surface of the sanitary pad. The body's resistance to infection in women's private parts will decrease during menstruation, so not washing hands before changing sanitary pads will increase the risk of infection.

Buying in bulk during promotions

Many people think that sanitary pads are not food but daily necessities and that it's okay to store them for a long time. In fact, although the product's shelf life is longer than that of food, you still need to pay attention to the manufacturing date. Sanitary pads stored for too long may not be in the best condition for use.

Using thicker or longer pads to avoid frequent changes

Some women choose thicker or longer sanitary pads because they are afraid of menstrual blood leakage or have heavier flow. However, don't be lazy and reduce the frequency of changing pads. It's still necessary to change them in a timely manner based on day and night usage and flow.

The three considerations when choosing sanitary pads


Everyone has a different body shape, curves, and proportions. After understanding this, you will know that sanitary pads need to be chosen based on different body curves. Thickness, length, buttocks size, etc. are factors that need to be considered.

Menstrual flow

Women should observe their menstrual flow and choose sanitary pads accordingly. For example, when there is a heavier flow, longer and more absorbent pads can be chosen. When there is less flow in the later stages of menstruation, less absorbent sanitary pads for daily use can be chosen.

Personal confidence level

Many people think that choosing sanitary pads only needs to consider physiological factors, but psychological factors should also be considered. This way, women can live more freely during menstruation and not feel scared due to worrying about menstrual blood leakage or inconvenient sanitary pads, which can ultimately affect mood.

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