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Selections and Applications of Cotton Swab

1. Selections of high-quality cotton swabs

(1) Identification of high-quality cotton swab head

High-quality cotton swabs are mostly made of skimmed cotton. The advantage of skimmed cotton is that it does not fall out of the wadding, holds a compact group, and has good absorption. It's easy to identify the cotton. Firstly, take a look at the color, and the color should be white and flawless, indicating the high quality of cotton raw materials. Secondly, check the cotton head, no flocculation, no silk, indicating skim cotton. Thirdly, look at the water absorption. If it absorbs water well, it indicates that the cotton quality of cotton swabs is good. Fourthly, the smell. Quality cotton swabs are odorless and tasteless, which means the swabs are not made of sponge heads or cloth heads.

(2) Identification of high-quality cotton swab stalk

The identification of cotton stalks is also very simple. There are two ways to check the quality of cotton swabs for pure pulp paper rods. First, use your fingers to press the cotton pole, good flexibility, not easy to break, indicating that the quality of the material is excellent. Second, break the cotton rod, you can identify the irregular paper rod fracture and sticky edge by the naked eye, indicating the use of biodegradable original pulp paper rod. For bamboo stick swabs, also use fingers to test. Good flexibility, no odor, and smooth paper rod surface mean that it is of high quality. As a professional personal care products manufacturer, Winner PurCotton can provide you with high-quality cotton swab wholesale solutions at a competitive marketing price.

2. Applications of cotton swabs

(1) People with blackheads can use two cotton swabs to squeeze out them or pimples after the skin is clean. This method is safe and hygienic and will not lead to bacterial infection of the skin due to squeezing the blackheads with the nails.

(2) Usually, when you are washing clothes, you will find the zippers on them get stuck. You can use a cotton swab dipped in some lubricant, apply it to the zipper, which immediately makes the zipper smooth. If there is no lubricant, using cooking oil or wet soap liquid can also work.

(3) Small parts like the mouse, keychain, cell phone dust hole, hairdryer vent, watch dial gap are always dirty. For these parts, you can use a cotton swab dipped in some alcohol disinfectant to wipe.

(4) When doing eyebrow trimming and lip gloss repair, cotton face swabs are a good helper to make eyebrow lines and lip gloss fuller and more shapely.

(5) Sports lovers like to buy expensive sports shoes. However, these expensive shoes will be dirty after a basketball game. At this moment, you just need a cotton swab, dip some use white vinegar, and rub your shoes, which will look new.

(6) Smokers are always concerned about their yellowing teeth. Take a little hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, mixed with the daily use of toothpaste, dip a cotton swab into some. And coat it to your teeth every day. You will find that the teeth become white after a week.

(7) Ladies who love to wear false eyelashes can use cotton swabs when applying eyelash glue.

(8) If you are worried about getting nail polish all over your hands while DIY, you can use a cotton swab dipped in some nail wash, remove the excess nail polish around your nails, which is convenient and safe.

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