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The Advantages of Compressed Towels and Maintenance Methods

Compressed towel has no requirement for water temperature. Tear open the sealed bag, put in water and it will absorb water and swell up. According to the size as well as the cotton content, after 3 to 6 seconds, it will fully expand after absorbing water, or it can be manually stretched out, if the towel is intact, you can use it.

1. Disposable compressed towel

Compressed towel is generally disposable. "Compressed" refers to a way of packaging, which is to facilitate carrying in travel. It can replace the general towel, because it is compressed, so it is easy to carry, and its function is the same as that of the general towel.

However, the actual service life of compressed towels varies due to different raw materials. Non-cotton non-woven compressed towels or poor quality knitted fabric towels are inexpensive, small in size, slightly worse in feel, easy to break, easy to fall off, and there is no need to recycle. Cotton spunlace non-woven compressed towel has skin-friendly cotton, soft and comfortable texture, does not hurt the skin, without dropping cotton wool, with strong water absorption, good toughness, portable and hygienic. Besides, it is effective in preventing cross-infection of germs, so it can be reused. The quality of knitted compressed towels unfolded is the same as that of ordinary towels. The compressed towel made of knitting wool and cotton is recyclable.

Compressed towel cannot lose the basic function of towel. Clean + portable is the unique property of compressed towel. It is not right to improve portability while sacrificing the quality. So we give compressed towels the third attribute: quality. Cotton pearl pattern compressed towel is recyclable.

2. The maintenance method of compressed towels

Unopened bagged compressed towels, such as cotton pearl pattern compressed towels, because of the production technology, are waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-bacteria, with a shelf life of 3 to 5 years; while as for products in the packaging of paper barrels from other brands, due to air humidity, paper vulnerable to moisture and other reasons, the shelf life is relatively short. If you use a reusable compressed towel, then after using it, be sure to pay attention to regular cleaning and disinfection of it, and then put it in the well-ventilated place to dry, so that it will not be stained with bacteria.

3. The advantages of using compressed towels

(1) Hygienic

Because when we either travel, live in a hotel on a business trip, take a sauna massage, or go to public baths, hospitals and other places, the health situation makes people feel worried, and towels are generally very dirty. No one knows what it is used to wipe last time. For the sake of cleanliness, we can prepare a compressed towel. Compressed towel can remove people's concerns about towel hygiene.

(2) Portability

Compressed towel is relatively small, does not take up space when placed in the bag, and can be thrown after it is used and wet during travel, business trips, visiting friends and relatives. There is no need to bring it back.

(3) Practicality

Traditional towels are easy to breed bacteria. Even if you clean and disinfect it every day, it is difficult to eliminate. Even if you use the cleaning mask or a cleanser every day, it cannot clean the bacteria, so it is easy to cause some skin problems. Then again, the towel is easy to turn yellow and hard after a period of time.

Cotton compressed towel is made of natural cotton non-woven fabrics, thicker than the general compressed towel, so it is also very soft when used on face, without rough feeling brought by ordinary compressed towel. It can create a very natural feeling, so people with sensitive skin will feel very comfortable. What's more, it doesn't shed lint.

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