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The Benefits of Cotton Bath Towels

Bath towels are daily necessities for people to wipe their bodies after bathing. A soft bath towel is just like cotton candy, giving you a smooth and soft touch. Wrapped in a soft towel, you feel wonderful. Look at the material on the label when purchasing. Good cotton bath towels are usually made of fine combed cotton or long staple cotton. Although the cost is high, the bath towel woven in this way has a dense texture and soft feel. Because bath towels often need to be sterilized and washed at high temperature, choose those made from heat-resistant plant fibers.

1. The advantages of cotton bath towels

(1) Cotton bath towel has strong moisture absorption.

(2) Cotton bath towels are alkali resistant and acid resistant. Bath towels are extremely unstable to inorganic acids, and even very dilute sulfuric acid will damage the cotton bath towels, but the effect of organic acids on the cotton bath towels is weak, with almost no damage. Cotton bath towels are relatively alkali resistant. Generally, dilute alkali does not act on bath towels at room temperature, but the strength of cotton bath towels will decrease under the action of strong alkali.

(3) The light resistance and heat resistance of pure cotton bath towel are very normal. In the sun and the atmosphere, cotton bath towels will slowly oxidize, so that the strength of the towel is reduced. The long-term high temperature will damage the cotton bath towel, but the cotton bath towel can withstand the short-term high temperature treatment of 125 to 150℃.

(4) Microorganisms have a destructive effect on cotton bath towels, which is manifested in the intolerance to mold.

(5) Health: Cotton fiber is a natural fiber, its main component is cellulose, and a small amount of waxy substances and nitrogen and fruit gum are added. After various inspection and practice, cotton bath towel has no irritation and no side effects in contact with skin. Long-term use is beneficial to human body and harmless, with good sanitary performance.

2. Washing and maintenance of cotton bath towel

(1) Water temperature control

When washing cotton bath towels, the water temperature cannot be too high, and the best water temperature is 30℃ to 35℃.

(2) Use of lotion aid

  • A small amount of detergent can make the surface of cotton bath towel more fluffy and soft. Avoid pouring detergent directly on the cotton bath towel for cleaning. The residue of detergent will cause the towel to harden. Mild detergents are recommended;

  • When bleaching cotton bath towels, try to avoid using chlorine bleach;

  • In the soft treatment of cotton bath towels, fabric softener containing silicone should be avoided. After the use of such softener, there will be a small amount of wax residue on the bath towel, thus affecting the water absorption performance of cotton bath towel.

3. Precautions for washing cotton bath towels

(1) Color separation washing: Especially light cotton bath towels and dark cotton bath towels should be washed separately.

(2) Classification washing: Cotton bath towel is double-sided coil fabric, which should be washed separately from clothing, especially clothes with metal hooks, metal zippers, buttons, etc.

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