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The Difference Between Cotton Soft Wipes and Wet Wipes

Under the current trend of consumption upgrading, conventional cleaning paper products can no longer meet the personalized hygiene and cleaning needs in different scenarios, while the high-end development and subdivision of household paper just meet consumers' desire for high-quality life featuring environmental protection, efficiency and refinement. For some women and mothers focusing on appearance, in addition to ordinary paper towels, paper products such as cotton tissue and wet wipes have become necessities of daily life. So, what is the difference between cotton tissue and wet wipes?

1. The difference between cotton tissue and wet wipe in raw material

Cotton tissue is a cotton wipe made of plant fiber as the main raw material. It is produced by advanced spunlace non-woven technology and then processed by high-pressure steam sterilization. It is soft and delicate, has good water absorption, and does not drop scraps. It is a new environmentally friendly alternative to paper towels, wet wipes and other products. Spunlace non-woven wipes are generally made of one or more fibers in a certain proportion among cotton fiber, wood fiber, bamboo fiber and polyester fiber.

There are two kinds of materials for cotton wet wipes: one is wet strength paper, and the other is a non-woven fabric. Most of the wet wipes are made of non-woven fabric. If subdivided, most of the raw non-woven fabrics are spunlace. Wet wipes can be divided into two types according to materials: all polyester and cotton. All-polyester wipes feel hard and smooth, while cotton wipe feels soft.

It can be seen that the material of cotton tissue is non-woven spunlace fabric, and the material of hygiene wet wipe is wet strength paper and non-woven fabric. The cotton tissue is made of 100% cotton spunlace non-woven fabric, using high-quality long staples with no scrap and good whiteness of the raw cotton. The raw material is strictly screened from the source to ensure user experience.

2. The difference between cotton wipes and wet wipes for different targeted groups

Cotton tissue and wet wipes are suitable for a wide range of people, but there are still some precautions. Because the baby's skin is delicate and prone to allergies, baby wipes should be selected because they are special wipes for babies. Compared with adult wipes, baby wipes are exclusively used by babies.

Cotton tissue and eco-friendly wet wipes have high requirements for ingredients. Baby wipes have high requirements and cannot be added with alcohol, fragrance, fluorescent agents, etc. After all, everything you use for your baby must be foolproof to ensure the absolute safety and health of your baby.

There are no fragrances, tastes or additives in the cotton tissue, and it has passed the food-grade safety test, so it can be used to wipe sensitive skin and baby skin. Food-grade quality can ensure clean and hygienic production. The production process from raw materials to finished products is completed in a high-standard purification workshop, and pollution is controlled from the source in every production link. It can be used in various scenarios.

3. Features of cotton tissue and wet wipes

Because wet wipes contain water and disinfectant, hygiene wet wipes are more convenient to use. You don't need to use water to get it wet, but wet wipes are cold, so be sure to soak the wet wipes in hot water for a while before using them in winter, otherwise, it may irritate the skin. Be sure to distinguish between adult wipes and baby wipes. In addition, wet wipes are relatively heavy, so it is inconvenient to carry out, and it has a shorter shelf life than cotton tissue.

The cotton tissue is made of 100% high-quality long-staple cotton. The material is solid and ultra-durable, does not fall off scraps, and has strong water absorption. It supports wet and dry dual use, and it is very soft even for dry use. It will turn into a wet wipe when it is lightly wetted with water. It is not easy to be broken when it is wet and can maintain the softness and toughness of pure cotton. It is suitable for adults, infants and young children, and can be used for daily face washing, make-up remover, wet compress, and cleaning in various occasions. It is safe, soft and non-allergic so that it can wipe and care for different skin types. It can also be transformed into a saliva towel, sweat towel, small handkerchief and wet wipes, etc., so as to meet the baby's daily cleaning needs, take care of the baby's delicate skin, and it is a good helper for mothers' daily cleansing and skin care.

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