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Spunlace Nonwovens Market: Plastic-free And Biodegradable

Every day, millions of non-woven hygiene products and wipes are used globally. Most disposable personal care products are made of non-woven fabrics. Due to the comparison with woven fabrics, non-woven fabrics have fast productivity and high output. Therefore, non-woven products have penetrated into almost all scenes in our lives, include hygiene care, cosmetic care, pregnancy and baby care and home care, etc.

Under such huge nonwoven consumption, the waste or sewage after end-use is currently our biggest problem, and up to 80% of the products are composed of synthetic fibers and are not biodegradable. The pollution of plastics to the environment is one of the most seriouns problems, therefore, developing plastic-free and biodegradable products is the key trend that cannot be ignored in the nonwoven industry.

What Is Nonwoven Fabric

In 1962, the American Society for Testing and materials first defined nonwovens, it is textile fabrics made of carded web or fiber web held together by adhesives. The current internationally recognized definition of nonwoven is defined by documents ISO standards 9092 and CEN EN 29092: Nonwoven is an engineered fibrous assembly, primarily planar, which has been given a designed level of structural integrity by physical and/or chemical means, excluding weaving, knitting or paper making.(INDA)

What Does Non Woven Fabric Look Like

The appearance of non-woven fabrics can be as thin as paper, but the tensile strength can be many times higher than it. Generally speaking, the appearance design of non-woven fabrics is strongly related to the final application of the product. Of course, different markets may have different requirements for similar products, so even for the same product application, different markets have different requirements for pattern design, weight, and tensile strength. For example, Chinese consumers prefer to mesh nonwoven topsheet sanitary pads, while European consumers prefer plain nonwoven topsheet sanitary.

Non Woven FabricNonwoven FabricNonwoven Fabric

What Is Non Woven Fabric Made Of

The raw materials of non-woven fabrics mainly include synthetic fibers and natural fibers.

Synthetic fibers: polyester fiber (polyester), polyamide fiber, polyacrylonitrile fiber, viscose fiber, etc.

Natural fibers:  cotton, wool, jute, flax, hemp etc.

At Winner Medical, whole spunlace nonwoven manufacturer process is sustainable. Material is pure cotton without any additive synthetic fibers, water recycle system is certified by government, energy and other resources all under the sustainability control. We are committed to providing sustainable cotton nonwoven solutions for our global customers. Under the background of the carbon-neutral policy, we believe that customers can improve their carbon footprint by adding us to their supply chain to provide nonwoven products.

What Is Non Woven Fabric Used For

The main products of nonwovens roll goods's application are as below:

(1) Medical and hygiene: surgical gowns, protective clothing, disinfection wraps, masks, diapers, wipes, beauty products, sanitary napkins, etc.;

(2) Home decoration: wall coverings, table fabric, bed sheets, bedspreads, etc.;

(3) Clothing: lining, fusible interlining, wadding, shaped cotton, etc.;

(4) Industry: filter materials, insulating materials, cement packaging bags, geotextiles, covering fabrics, etc.;

(5) Agricultural: crop protection fabric, seedling raising fabric, irrigation fabric, thermal insulation curtain, etc.;

(6) Other non-woven fabrics: space cotton, thermal insulation materials, linoleum, cigarette filters, tea bags, etc.

Non Woven Fibers In Hygiene Products Market

With the increase in consumer demand for natural and safe personal products and the implementation of European plastic restrictions, cotton non-woven fabrics have begun to have a larger market share in wet wipes and sanitary products. Consumers know and love cotton because cotton is naturally hypoallergenic. This is especially important for people with sensitive skin and products designed for body parts where skin tends to be more sensitive, such as baby diapers, feminine hygiene, and adult care products.

The main nonwoven application of hygiene products is as below: bulk buy sanitary towels, pantyline, tampon, baby diaper, adult diaper, disposable underwear.

Winner Medical is the leading spunlace nonwoven manufacturer in supplying to fortune global 500. In 2005,we independently researched and developed the cotton spunlace fabric, which has obtained a patented certificate in China, US, the EU, Japan, Brazil, India and other countries around the world, and it was known as the "Great innovation of the textile industry."

Please contact us for any inquiry, we are willing to work with you to create a sustainable world. Winner Nowovens also offers skincare OEM, wholesale pads, spunlace wipes, wholesale tamponswholesale newborn diapers, etc. Contact us for more information.

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