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The Difference Between Needle Punched Cotton and Spunlace Cotton

With the economic recovery of various industries, enterprises' demand for raw materials has gradually increased. Acupuncture cotton is widely used, because it can play many roles such as heat preservation, heat insulation, filling, shaping, filtration and so on. When it comes to acupuncture cotton, we also have to mention the spunlace cotton, because in the process of material selection, customers often encounter the comparison of these two types of materials. Therefore, what are the differences between acupuncture cotton and spunlace cotton? Winner Medical Co., Ltd will give you a brief introduction.

1. The difference between the production technology of acupuncture cotton and spunlace cotton

Acupuncture cotton adopts the technology of lapping acupuncture, and spunlace cotton adopts the spunlace technology. Although both are non-woven technologies, the actual production is still different, because the equipment and technology are different. It can be distinguished from the surface of the cotton. If the acupuncture cotton is observed carefully, there are dense small pinholes on the surface, while there is generally plain or web weave on the spunlace cotton.

2. The difference between the production materials of acupuncture cotton and spunlace cotton

Most of the raw materials used in the two are the same, but the proportions are different, which can be distinguished from the hand feeling.

3. The difference between the application scope of acupuncture cotton and spunlace cotton

When it comes to application, the two can be distinguished according to their characteristics. Acupuncture cotton is often customized from 60 grams to 1000 grams, while spunlace cotton is generally less than 100 grams. Spunlace fabric feels softer and is often used in towels, facial cotton pads, wet wipes, etc., while acupuncture cotton is often used in filtration, masks, linings, and composites because of its thickness and material.

From the above three points, you can make a preliminary choice according to the purpose. If you still have other things you don't know about acupuncture cotton and spunlace cotton, you can continue to consult the online customer service of Winner Medical. The spunlace cotton non-woven fabric of Winner Medical has obtained patent certificates in China, the United States, the European Union, Japan, Brazil, India and other countries around the world. Spunlace non-woven fabrics are known as "a great innovation in the textile industry". Non-woven spunlace material has good moisture absorption and air permeability and is widely used on various occasions. Not only can spunlace non-woven fabrics be found in the medical industry, but are also widely used in the production of personal care products that are soft, disposable and biodegradable. As one of the professional biodegradable non-woven fabric manufacturers in China, Winner Medical can help you produce spunlace non-woven products for various uses, including hygiene use, cosmetic use, home care use, etc.

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