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The First Show of "Cotton·Nature·Excellence" in Shanghai Fashion Week of Purcotton: a Fashion Trip Accompanied by Cotton, Exploring the Sustainable Way of the Earth

(October 13, 2021, Shanghai) Today, PurCotton brought its 2022 Spring/Summer collection to Shanghai Fashion Week, making its brand debut in this nationally eye-catching fashion event. Continuing the theme of "Cotton·Nature·Excellence", PurCotton leads the fashion with natural, pure and colorful cotton, exploring the environmental changes of the future world, and ushering in an immersive travel in time and space for the guests, which presents a in-depth interpretation of the environmental protection value and sustainable charm of cotton.

Trace the history of human migration and search for the way of harmony between man and nature

PurCotton landed in Shanghai Fashion Week for the first time, bringing insights and reflections on the long history of human development. Since the birth of mankind, the pace of migration has never stopped: tens of thousands of years ago, our ancestors of Homo sapiens crossed the vast continent to find a place to live for more adequate food and more suitable living conditions; the wheels of history rolled forward, the ancients transitioned from a hunting civilization to a farming civilization, and moved from the forest to the countryside in order to seek a more ideal production and life; and in modern times, the torrent of industrialization has spurred major social changes, the times are advancing rapidly, and the super cities have risen. At the same time, this has also resulted in serious ecological and environmental damage, and consequently many people have moved out of the city and returned to the mountains...At present, our earth and cities are under overload pressure, with climate warming and frequent extreme weather. Where should we go when humans set off again for migration?

PurCotton is convinced that since ancient times, human migration has been inseparable from the surrounding environment. Human activities profoundly change the natural environment, and vice versa. Only by adhering to the concept of sustainable development and living in harmony with nature can sustainable development of our earth be ensured.

As a brand that focuses on the production of all cotton categories with cotton as the core raw material, PurCotton has spared no effort to tell the story of cotton, convey the benefits of cotton to the environment, and actively implement the brand's sustainable way since its establishment. Cotton is drought-tolerant and salt-tolerant, turning the desert into an oasis; as a natural fiber, cotton can be used without processing, safe and comfortable, and creates a sense of happiness for life; discarded cotton products can also be degraded naturally, without adding burdens to the environment, which can also let the ocean rejuvenate; replace paper with cotton products, reduce tree felling, and effectively protect forests. Cotton has been with human society for more than 7,000 years. While protecting life and ecology, it also affects history and economic development.

PurCotton 2022 spring and summer series, interpretation of the sustainable value of cotton

It is based on this thinking that PurCotton will bring the 2022 spring and summer series to Shanghai Fashion Week, fully demonstrating the brand's concern for the sustainable value of cotton--- The series is inspired by the migration of future travelers due to changes in the earth's environment. Outdoor elements such as hand-made uniforms, hemp rope for voyages, carabiner and others are designed to protect against wind and rain and resist the harsh environment of the outside world. Thanks to the designer's whimsy and the genetic fabric and product research and development strength of PurCotton, the natural colorless, fine-textured cotton fiber is combined with advanced coloring and weaving technology, and the original raw cotton color is transformed into a gorgeous pattern, which is just like broad lakes and rivers, or the lush mountains and forests, or the fertile earth, meaning that the migration journey of mankind is getting better, and the splendid scenery of the blue planet is also emerging again and again, allowing people to pick up the emotional resonance of the connection with the earth.

The process of creating from colorless to colored products also fits with the theme of "Cotton·Nature·Excellence". The life vein of cotton is gradually clarified: in early spring, cotton is just a new green cotton seedling emerging from the ground, and in midsummer, cotton is dynamic yellow and pink flowers; in autumn and winter, cotton is brown stalks and pure white cotton wool, which inject nutrients into the earth and bring tenderness to the world. The life of cotton is a feast of full and flowing colors. The environmental protection connotation of cotton makes it more radiant and "excellent".

Mr. Li Jianquan, founder of PurCotton and advocate of Cotton Concept, said: "Shanghai Fashion Week is the leading trend indicator in China's fashion industry. The encounter of PurCotton and Shanghai Fashion Week marks the brand's foothold in a more influential fashion, which will convey the extraordinary value of cotton to the wider public. We hope to lead the audience into the world of cotton in an original way, experience a journey of 'migration' accompanied by cotton, and let natural, high-quality and sustainable cotton fibers add more colors to life. At the same time, I hope that more people will use cotton and wear cotton, understand the relationship between human beings and nature featuring a virtuous cycle and mutual benefits, and contribute to the protection of the earth's ecology."

Migrating and traveling, natural dancing, cotton's environmental protection power shines on the show

At the Shanghai Fashion Week catwalk scene, PurCotton revolves around the narrative of migration, straddling the sea, mountains and forests and the wilderness, step by step, and present an enlightening sensory feast to the audience. At the moment when the curtain opened, the scene constructed by the ocean and the forest took the audience away from the runway and reached the crisis that is facing everywhere on the earth: chemical fiber and plastic pollution are expanding, and the ocean and its creatures, which occupy 70% of the earth's surface area, are facing threats; the forest is over-deforested, and the once endless green fields are now in danger.

When the scene entered silence, lights and music resumed, the catwalk immediately turned into a lush cotton field, and the models in the new spring and summer 2022 costumes of PurCotton arrived. From the cotton field to the show, the neon clothes woven with cotton fibers are dancing, indicating that cotton will accompany every human migration in the future, and will be applied to the planet with its outstanding environmental protection power, so that the ecology can be restored, and the natural land will be bright and the glorious scenes of the past of the natural land will reappear one by one.

Mr. Li Jianquan, the founder of PurCotton, visited the first show of PurCotton "Cotton·Nature·Excellence" in Shanghai Fashion Week. In addition, PurCotton also specially invited the Chinese men's diving champion and cotton ambassador Mr. He Chong, the elegant spirit advocate Ms. Xiaoxue, and many fashion media, opinion leaders, businessmen, investors and other people from all walks of life to witness the environmental protection value and sustainable charm of cotton.


Khaki, pure white, the primary color of cotton stalks and cotton wool

Gauze fabric, the characteristics of PurCotton

Weave a simple, minimalist, and classic dress

Work hard for environmental protection and inject firm strength into the long road


Light color and light dyeing, the natural and healthy tone is reflected in the texture of cotton

Lightweight and close-fitting inner cloth; cool and stylish coat

PurCotton makes the journey of long-distance migration comfortable and relaxing

Walk calmly and deal with environmental challenges


Change, flow, interweave

Travelers who wander on the road, strolling in a feast of colors

The strands of cotton are the embodiment of the colorful illusion of the mountains and the earth

Reproduce the endless beauty of all things on the earth

PurCotton: act as the messenger of cotton and build a sustainable future for the earth

PurCotton was founded in 2009. It inherits the 30-year medical background of the parent company, Winner Medical. The brand takes "Cotton changes the world" as its vision, covering all categories of products including personal care, apparel, baby products, and home textiles to create comfortable, healthy and environmentally friendly cotton lifestyle for consumers. In the PurCotton, the outing clothes designed with cotton fiber as the core raw material continue to lead the trend of wearing cotton, allowing the sustainable fashion charm of cotton to be integrated into daily life, which is deeply loved by consumers.

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