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The Selection of Baby Moisture Wipes: Cotton Material is Safer

Under the general trend of upgrading of social consumption, convenient and easy-to-use cloth baby wipes are welcomed by the new generation of parents. However, in the face of a variety of products on the market, new parents often do not know how to choose.

1. Baby skin is delicate, so cotton baby moisture wipes are safer

The thickness of the baby's skin is only one-third of the adult's. How to choose healthy baby moisture wipes has become a difficult problem for parents. Moisture wipes made of cotton are more natural in terms of raw materials, and they are made of cotton spunlace non-woven technology, which are made in an environmentally friendly way. They are safer, softer and more skin-friendly, and are more suitable for the delicate skin of babies.

The thin skin of babies also means more absorbency, which requires that the formula of cloth baby wipes should also be "minimal". The water added in moisture wipes is produced by EDI water treatment technology and 7-layer filtration technology, which is currently the highest level of purified water in the industry. At the same time, it eliminates the addition of harmful substances such as fluorescent whitening agents, and ensures that the PH is close to the baby's skin itself. Finally, it can be safely used for babies after strict sterilization. With natural material selection and strict craftsmanship, it has won the recognition of the market.

2. Moisture wipes made of cotton give baby the best care and have won a strong reputation

Winner Medical, as a China nonwoven fabric manufacturer, has always adhered to cotton as the core raw material. From the first cotton soft towel, 100% cotton baby moisture wipes, to cotton surface baby cotton diapers, with the continuous innovation, we have used the cotton to the extreme again and again, so that more people enjoy the gentle care brought by cotton products.

Winner continues the innate quality gene, selects high-quality cotton from the source, and ensures a high-purification production environment. The products have passed the EU food-grade standard testing, which is higher than the quality control standards of moisture wipes in the same industry. "Quality takes priority over profit. Brand takes priority over speed. Social value takes priority over enterprise value." is the tenet that Winner Medical has been adhering to. Facing the maternal and infant market with extremely high safety index, Winner Medical, under the blessing of the concept of "comfort, health and environmental protection", meets the current trend of healthy parenting and promotes brand development into the fast lane.

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