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Winner Medical Co., Ltd

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24 Hours Manufacturing

24 Hours

Since the Chinese Spring Festival, all the factories of Winner Medical have been keeping 24-hour manufacturing.

Huanggang Workshop

5 Hours and 20 KM

One staff of Winner Medical walked 20KM with spending 5 hours to go back to the factory for working during the novel coronavirus.

558 Supported People

558 supported people

For supplying more protective products, many office employee devote themselves to the workshop to help manufacturing masks and coveralls.

Face Masks

100,000,000 pcs face masks

At the first month of the new coronavirus, Winner Medical supplied more than 100 million face masks.


2,000,000 pcs coveralls

Until March 15, 2020, Winner has been supplied 2,000,000 protective coveralls for the hospitals.

Masks Manufacturer

4,000,000 pcs

The daily capacity of masks has been reached 4,000,000 pcs.

Zero Infection

0 infection

During the new coronavirus, there is zero infection among all the Winner staff.

Winner Medical Donation

7,600,000 donation

Value 7,600,000RMB of surgical face masks, protective coveralls, hydrocolloid dressing and sanitary napkins, have been donated from Winner Medical.

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