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Li ​Jian Quan, Chairman of Winner Medical, Was Invited to CCTV's DIALOGUE: Win the Future with Innovation

On the evening of January 1, Li Jianquan, chairman of Winner Medical Co., Ltd., was interviewed by China Central Television's DIALOGUE program as a representative of entrepreneurs. In the interview, he showed people his opinions on building the company and his visions. He said that only by insisting on innovation can we better serve the healthy life of the whole people.

As one of the domestic industry leaders, Winner Medical has made a number of technological breakthroughs in the application of cotton. In November 2021, Winner Medical was selected as the third batch of manufacturing single champion products. Winner Medical, which has been established for 30 years, now has three major brands: Winner Medical, Purcotton and PureH2B. Winner Medical has achieved the coordinated development of the medical and consumer sectors, leading the development of the domestic health industry, and advocating and promoting ecological protection.


Mr. Li Jianquan, Chairman of Winner Medical, was interviewed by CCTV2(China Central Television)

Ⅰ. Winner Medical has focused on quality and specialized in cotton for 30 years

In November 2021, Winner Medical was selected as the single champion with its self-developed cotton spunlace non-woven fabric and products. About this, Li Jianquan said, "Insist on one thing: paying efforts to innovation." For example, people saw Winner Medical's strong coping capacities are the years of innovations.

The technology of spunlace non-woven fabric is Winner Medical's innovation. The original intention is to change the situation that traditional textile gauze may cause infection due to thread drop, but Winner Medical made it a new technology. Behind success is a hard time. "It took 537 tons of cotton and more than 2 years to transform it into a product after 2,156 experiments," Li Jianquan recalled the memory of success.


According to Li Jianquan, all-cotton spunlace non-woven fabrics have been patented in dozens of countries and regions after being formed. After that, Winner Medical applied the cotton spunlace non-woven fabrics to the civilian consumption field. Winner medical founded "Purcotton" and launched pure cotton soft towels, cotton surface sanitary napkins, cotton surface diapers and the first gauze products, creating a new market segment of health consumer products in China. In addition, Winner Medical has also participated in setting 14 relevant national and industry standards. 

Ⅱ. Create value with innovation, change the world, and care for health

Over the past 30 years, Winner Medical has adhered to the character concept of "health, comfort, and environmental protection", and has undertaken social responsibilities in many special periods with the principle of "quality prior to profit, brand prior to speed, and social value prior to corporate value."


In the early stage of COVID-19, Winner Medical provided 70% of protective equipment for the country.

Li Jianquan recalled the situation of the epidemic. In the early days of COVID-19, the situation was urgent, the price of imported protective materials continued to rise and the production capacity was insufficient. As a non-woven fabric manufacturer, only Winner Medical had N95 masks that can supply to the first line, and the masks were kept in response to emergencies after the SARS epidemic many years ago. And at that time, protective clothing and other materials were still in short supply. Winner Medical has stepped up research and development and produced a new type of protective product that combines cotton in only 15 days, providing powerful and more comfortable promises to doctors and patients.

The innovation of Winner Medical is also leading the industry's development. "As a leading enterprise, We are leading the industry to the world, and contributing to making Chinese products occupy an irreplaceable market." Li Jianquan said that the all-cotton category development model created by Winner Medical interprets the belief that "all-cotton changes the world".

In the process of disciplining itself with "professional, special and innovative", Winner Medical's persistence and innovation are consistent. As for the long-term goal of the company, Li Jianquan concluded: "We have led the industry to the world, and in the future, we will lead the brands in this industry to the world."

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