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Top of the List! Winner Medical Appeared on CHEO's List of Home Medical Devices

On the evening of September 26, the theme banquet of "Focusing · Brightening the Future-CHEO Awards • 2020-2021 Health Industry Brand Development Index Release" was held in Boao, Hainan.

CHEO ceremoniously promulgated the "Health Industry·Brand Development Index·TOP Brands 2020-2021" list at the banquet. The winner topped the list of "2020-2021 Health Industry Brand Development Index(Household Medical Devices)" with a high score of 559.93, leading the category, won the honor!


The Health Industry·Brand Development Index (CHEO Index) reflects the strength of health brands. A total of 137 brands are on the list this time, representing the top competitiveness of their categories. These brands include 114 pharmaceutical brands, 10 health care products brands, 10 household medical equipment brands, and 3 Chinese herbal medicine brands.

CHEO in 2021: Efficiency Revolution

Create a full and balanced new health industry

The full name of CHEO is "China Health Ecology Organization", which was grandly held in Boao, Hainan from September 23rd to 28th.


CHEO is a forward-looking industry conference with great scale and influence in China's health industry. It has been successfully held for thirteen sessions since 2008. Each session of CHEO will release an exclusive blockbuster report, which will become an important indicator for predicting the future of the industry under the guidance of the "Healthy China 2030" national policy.

As a prestigious industrial ecology conference, CHEO takes "leading the integration and development of the health industry" as its purpose and "cooperation, innovation, technology, R&D, capital" as its core label, and brings together domestic and foreign enterprises and institutions in the fields of pharmaceuticals, commerce, capital, R&D, technology, medical care, health services, finance, and insurance. CHEO is committed to creating a global health ecology organization to provide the industry with forward-looking and systematic ideas and information exchanges, as well as strategic multi-resource docking and cooperation interaction.

The grand occasion of Winner Medical's exhibition

Winner Medical participated in this year's CHEO to showcase the charm of Winner's products, share the latest industry information, and jointly focus on the development of the industry.

Winner Medical always adheres to the core principle of "Quality Priority to Profit, Brand Priority to Speed, Social Value Priority to Corporate Value". We are encouraged by the praise of the industry with the full participation of every stable employee.

30 years, from vision to fruition. And we spend 30 years sharpen our brands. Winner Medical will make persistent efforts, live up to customers' expectations, and build a nation brand priding Chinese.

About Awards


The organizer of CHEO, Zhongkang Technology uses the systematic and scientific 4D-BES system to scan and evaluate the brand from the four dimensions of "product value, market value, profit expectations, and user praise". CHEO will comprehensively, intuitively, and rigorously reflect the brand competitiveness of the health industry through a full-data quantitative index method. "Innovation-driven, structural adjustment" is the main theme of future industrial development. Today, when the health industry is welcoming the transformation and upgrading, the brand is leading and the value creation drives the high-quality development of the industry. The importance of the brand is particularly prominent.

PS: Household Medical Devices List (Winner Medical: 559.93)


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