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Welcoming the Thirty-Year Celebration, Winner Medical Embarks on a New Healthy Journey


Climbing the 4.2m graduation wall courageously to enlighten a new chapter

11 minutes and 48 seconds! When the last team member climbed the graduation wall, everyone on site was excited...

Having failing more than once, the 30 members on the field analyzed calmly with sweats seeping and hands trembling uncontrollably. However, with their stronger fighting spirit and faith in their eyes, they launched a new challenge against the 4.2m graduation wall!


When the last member climbed the graduation wall, everyone was in sweats and tears, cheering for the triumph! We have been challenging and renewing ourselves. All of us climbed the graduation wall within 12 minutes under the leadership of Mr. Li Jianquan, the founder of the three major brands of Winner Medical, PurCotton Times and PureH2B. In this process, our tenacious and unyielding struggle for the last thirty years can be learned and our firm determination to move forward to the next thirty years can be seen! 


Cultivation for Thirty years forges quality national brand

"The significance of the graduation wall is to sharpen the team's collaborative spirit and achieve the ultimate goal. Only by breaking through the barriers of our minds, collaborating and forming a strong synergy can we overcome the invisible obstacles in front of our team!"


In Winner Medical's development of thirty years, we have gone through hardships and dangers. In 1991, the beginning of its establishment, Winner Medical was determined to prove itself and save the Chinese medical supplies' negative image at that time. It aimed to reshape China's medical supplies industry and win reputation for the Chinese brand.

With this belief, Winner Medical took ten years to achieve the best quality of the simplest medical dressings. In 2001, Winner Medical topped the export list of Chinese medical dressings; in 2005, the products were exported to the Japanese market with the most stringent quality requirements, successfully redeeming the reputation of China's medical consumables industry in the international arena.

In 2005, Winner Medical took a step forward and aimed at a bigger world-class issue, that is to solve the risk of infection in patients' surgical incision sites caused by gauze falling off. To solve this problem, we spent three years in research and development, consuming 537 tons of cotton and failing 2,156 times to create the cotton spunlace nonwoven fabric. The world was excited about it. In contrast, the challenge this time was more difficult. The reason was that no one knows where the "graduation wall" ends, and no one has seen others succeed. Why can we succeed? We are in pursuit of excellence and steel-like will, and the completing the mission of creating a better life.


In 2009, Purcotton came into people's life to realize the dream of "changing the world through cotton".

In 2018, the "natural, scientific, healthy and beautiful" as the concept of PureH2B was formed. We began to explore the quality life and focus on consumer experience.

When the pandemic struck in 2020, we were the first to come forward, promising never to raise the price of anti-epidemic materials. We gave up rest to provide stable and reliable anti-epidemic materials for doctors and nurses and anti-epidemic personnel day and night, successfully helping Chinese doctors fight against the novel coronavirus.


During the epidemic, more than 40,000 members of the medical team to assist the Eurasian people were not infected. People in Winner Medical guarded the best medical staff with top quality protective products.

For thirty years, we rush forward with the guidance of starlight 

2021 is a crucial year in which the global landscape changes dramatically. The global economic landscape changes a lot during the epidemic: economic growth slows, and the climate economy becomes a long-term strategy for national development. 2021 is an important year for Chinese brands to become world-class brands, and it is also a significant year for the development of Winner Medical.

In this year of 30 years, Winner Medical developes fast after listing. In addition, the market also puts forward higher expectations and requirements for it. How to drive development through innovation! How to make continuous progress while adhering to the concept of environmental friendliness? How to deepen its brand power while finding new opportunities in the market competition? These are all huge challenges!

The starlight guides us who keeping moving forward, and we must bear a stronger belief in victory and will. Let's progress forward with the team spirit of unity and overcome hardships and obstacles as before.


In the next few days, more than 10,000 employees of Winner Medical will join hands to combat against the tangible graduation wall in front of them and the invisible wall of obstacles in their hearts with the unchangeable resilient faith and team spirit.

From fission to metamorphosis, from growth to achievement, from overturning to surpassing, we, people in Winner Medical  are on the road!

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