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Purcotton's Press Conference: Discarding&Giving Symbiosis | Advocacy for Plastic, Carbon Reduction and Sustainable Development

Recently, the Purcotton "Discarding&Giving Symbiosis" 2022 Brand Conference and 2021 Winner Medical Social Responsibility Report Conference were held in Shenzhen. On the occasion of the "World Oceans Day", Purcotton and the public joined hands to explore the balance between cotton, nature and people, and realize the way of giving and granting for the symbiosis of all things, so as to help the sustainable development of the earth.

Discarding&Giving Symbiosis: harmonious development of human and nature

In Chinese, "舍" (Discarding) and "予" (Giving) can be combined to form a new character "舒", which means open-mindedness regardless of gains and losses and comfort without being bound. Seeking the way of symbiosis between giving and granting is Purcotton's original intention of exploring the harmonious coexistence of man and nature, and it is also the long-term vision of the sustainable development of the enterprise.

The press conference opened with the sound of pure ocean waves, and participants can feel the beautiful expectations that touched the heartstrings. Mr. Li Jianquan, founder of Purcotton, gave a keynote speech on "All Cotton Changes the World", sharing the company's sustainable vision and brand concept. Vice President Ms. Liao Meizhen talked about how Purcotton endeavors to make a piece of cotton to the extreme, and bring users peace of mind, happiness and sustainable life with high-quality products. The all cotton summer-themed clothing show interprets the "unconstrained" dressing state, expressing the natural and comfortable relationship between people who are free to stretch their bodies and express their emotions freely and clothing. The event also displayed a theme video exhibition co-branded by Purcotton and China National Geographic. Starting with the blue ocean, the source of all things, it aroused people's attention to the natural ecology, and made the life featuring all cotton and plastic reduction truly enter into daily life, opening a new sustainable journey.

Cotton changes the world, as cotton is sustainable

According to United Nations data, at least 8 million tons of plastic products flow into the ocean every year, posing severe challenges to the survival of marine life. Although the impact of plastic waste is great, the "invisible" microplastics cannot be ignored, and they have certain harm to human health. The source of 35% of microplastics is chemical fiber textiles.

Purcotton chooses cotton, uses cotton, and promotes cotton. By adhering to the concept of sustainability, it develops products to the extreme on the basis of one fiber. Compared with chemical fibers, cotton, as a naturally grown textile fiber, contains strong sustainable energy without processing. It can be naturally degraded into organic fertilizer after being discarded in the soil for several months, which not only does not cause environmental burden, but also prevents soil erosion and provides resistance to land desertification. Throughout the entire growth cycle of cotton, total carbon uptake also far exceeds total carbon emissions. According to statistics, the amount of cotton planted in the world every year can absorb the carbon dioxide equivalent to the emission of 7.5 million passenger vehicles. The large-scale planting and use of cotton is of great significance to reduce carbon emissions. Taking a cotton T-shirt as an example, from the cotton planting process to the ready-to-wear link, the carbon emission of the whole process is 7 kg, while the carbon emission of a chemical fiber T-shirt is as high as 47 kg.

At the press conference, the parent company Winner Medical also handed over a summary of sustainability actions" - the 2021 annual social responsibility report, insisting on putting environmental protection, philanthropy and effective governance in key positions, in order to provide "Winner's Power" in improving the environment, and promoting industry and society progress.

Purcotton Makes Everyday Sustainable

Since the independent research and development of cotton spunlace non-woven technology in 2005, Purcotton has insisted on using natural and pure 100% cotton products to bring users a safe, happy and sustainable lifestyle. At the same time, it also absorbs the spirit of cotton, fulfills its corporate social responsibility, spares no effort to promote cotton culture, and advocates the use of cotton to protect the healthy development of the earth's ecology. In the past 13 years, it has sold more than 31 million cotton clothing and bedding products, and 11.92 million cotton non-woven bags, effectively reducing the burden of chemical fiber and plastic products on the environment.

At the same time, two years before the state issued the plastic restriction order, Purcotton forward-lookingly proposed to gradually remove the plasticization of product packaging, in response to the national road of green environmental protection and sustainable development.

At the scene, Guo Jingjing, the brand spokesperson and the public welfare partner of Purcotton, Professor Xu Weilin, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Professor Zhang Xianlong of Huazhong Agricultural University, together stood up for sustainable development.

Discarding&Giving Symbiosis and coexistence between man and nature: Purcotton embraces the vision of "all cotton changes the world", explores the future of sustainable development with a single cotton, and helps achieve "carbon peak" by 2030 and "carbon neutrality" by 2060, shouldering the responsibility of China's national enterprise brand.

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