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What Are the Characteristics of Non-woven Eco Packaging Bags?

Introduction of Nonwoven Eco Packaging Bags

There are many packaging bags on the market, such as plastic packaging bags, non-woven packaging bags, canvas packaging bags, Oxford cloth packaging bags, paper packaging bags, etc. Non-woven eco packaging bags refer to packaging bags made of non-woven fabrics, which are generally used to pack items or as product packagings. Non-woven fabrics directly use polymer chips, staple fibers, or filament fibers to form a net by airflow or machinery. The bearing weight of non-woven eco packaging bags is similar to that of normal paper bags and plastic bags, but they are loved by everyone because of their practicability, aesthetics, and environmental protection.

Non woven Eco Packaging Bags Have the Following Four Characteristics:

  • Economical

Since the release of the "ban on free plastic bags", plastic bags have gradually withdrawn from the packaging market and replaced with non-woven packaging bags. Non-woven packaging bags can not only be used repeatedly but also can be printed with patterns and advertisements. In addition, eco-friendly non-woven bags also have a low attrition rate due to repeat use, which can save costs and bring great economic benefits.

  • Firmness

Traditional shopping bags are light and easy to break, which saves costs. If you want to make it firm, it will cost money. However, eco-friendly non-woven packaging bags solve this problem. It has good firmness and is not easy to be damaged. In addition, it also has the characteristics of being waterproof, having good hand feeling, having a beautiful appearance, and having a relatively long service life.

  • Advertising

Beautiful non-woven fabric bags are no longer just products. Customers favour its characteristics such as beautiful appearance, firmness, waterproofness, and non-sticky. In addition, a logo or advertisement can be printed on non-woven eco-packaging bags, which can bring advertising benefits.

  • Environmental protection

The purpose of the "ban on free plastic bags" is to solve the environmental protection problem. The repeated use of non-woven eco bags greatly reduces the pressure of waste conversion and the potential value cannot be replaced by money. It can solve the problem that normal packaging is not easy to degrade. Good non-woven packaging bags can better focus the attention of consumers. The packaging is the image spokesperson of the company. Good brand packaging can show value and uniqueness.

Shopping is necessary for our daily life, and everyone is responsible for using environment-friendly shopping bags. Winner Medical Co., Ltd is committed to providing 100% cotton non-woven bags, which are environmentally friendly and durable. Customers are welcome to contact us for consultation at any time.

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