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What Are the Processes of Soft Cotton Napkins?

Soft cotton napkin is made of spunlaced nonwoven fabric, because soft cotton napkin is produced by advanced cotton spunlaced nonwoven fabric technology, and then made by high pressure steam sterilization. It has the characteristics of soft and delicate, good water absorption and no debris. It is a new environmentally friendly alternative to paper napkins, cotton towels and other products.

1. Soft cotton napkin adopts spunlaced nonwoven technology

High-pressure micro-water jets are sprayed onto one or more layers of fiber webs, so that the fibers are entangled with each other and the web is reinforced with certain strength. The principle of spunlaced reinforcement of fiber mesh is similar to that of needle punching, but instead of using needles, multiple streams of high-pressure micro water jets are sprayed onto the web. After the water jet passes through the fiber net, it is rebounded by the holding net and interpenetrates the fiber net again. As a result, the fibers in the fiber net are displaced, interpenetrated, entangled and held together under the action of high speed water jet interpenetration in different directions, thus making the fiber net reinforced.

Soft cotton napkin made of spunlaced nonwoven fabric has a soft feel, fluffy feelings, high moisture absorption, oil absorption and other characteristics. Spunlaced nonwoven fabric material is generally made of one or more fibers such as cotton fiber, wood pulp fiber, bamboo fiber, polyester fiber in accordance with a certain proportion. Soft cotton napkin is made of cotton spunlaced nonwoven fabric. Its high-quality long-staple does not fall off paper scraps. It boasts good whiteness of the original cotton. Thanks to strict screening of raw materials from the source, the user experience can be ensured.

2. Soft cotton napkin is friendly to skin, which can gently wake up your skin

After getting up, use a soft cotton napkin to awaken your good skin. The soft cotton napkin made of 100% natural cotton is selected to be soft and non-invasive to the skin, bringing a cloud-like touch. Produced in a 100,000-grade purified production environment, it has no chemical additives, no fluorescent whitening agents. The soft cotton napkins are used one at a time, and one can be reused 2 to 3 times, so it can replace towels, paper towels, wet wipes, handkerchiefs use, which can be naturally degraded after use, without adding burden to the environment.

3. Soft cotton napkin easily remove makeup fatigue

When you arrive home at night, let the gentle soft cotton napkin unload your tiredness for the whole day. The cotton facial tissue made of 100% natural cotton has a soft texture, skin-friendly and comfortable, with no fluorescent whitening agent and no debris; excellent water absorption and water release help promote the introduction of beauty solution, so it is more economical.

Soft and comfortable soft cotton napkins bring us closer to happiness. With sustainable natural cotton, sustainable technologies, the sustainable soft cotton napkins are made, so that more consumers experience the soft and skin-friendly cotton as well as the exquisite life filled with sustainable energy.

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