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What Are the Selection Tips for Soft Cotton Tissue Papers?

Soft cotton napkins are widely used in daily life, especially multi-purpose soft cotton napkins, which are not only for babies, but also for mothers to wash face, remove makeup, etc. So how to judge the quality of soft cotton napkin? How to choose a good soft cotton napkin?

1. The method of judging the quality of cotton tissue papers

First of all, the base material of facial cotton tissue is spunlace non-woven fabric. It can be divided into cotton fiber, wood fiber, bamboo fiber and polyester fiber according to differences in fiber. Or two kinds of fibers are matched in a certain proportion.

(1) To judge whether the quality is good or not, first look at the fiber and burn it with fire. If there is a pungent smell or dripping oil, it means that it contains polyester fiber. As a common chemical fiber widely used in the field of non-woven fabrics, polyester fiber is the main component of wet wipes. But as a dry towel, it is not absorbent enough. Other fibers are natural fibers with good water absorption properties.

(2) Second, look at the feel. Everyone wants soft cotton napkins that are thick and soft. If the weight is the same, the thicker it is, the less spunlace pressure is, and the easier the cloth is to fluff. The increased spunlace pressure ensures that the cloth is lint-free, but not as soft.

(3) Then, look at the workmanship. From non-woven fabrics to cotton tissue papers, it needs to be folded and cut, so whether the cutting is not uniform and neat, and whether the packaging is tight or not directly affect the consumer's perception and first feeling.

2. The selection method of cotton tissue papers

(1) Material. There are two kinds of soft cotton napkins on the market: one is made of pure cotton material, and the other is soft material made of artificial fibers. The soft cotton napkin made of 100% cotton is soft and delicate to the touch, and does not add any whitening agent. The price of artificial chemical fiber soft cotton napkin is relatively cheap, but it will shed scraps and feel slippery.

(2) Flexibility. Generally, pure soft cotton napkins will not be deformed or shed scraps no matter how you pull them, and they will not disperse when exposed to water.

(3) Touch, softness. The softness mainly depends on the feel of use. The 100% cotton feels softer and better, and the effect is matte under the light. The artificial fiber soft cotton napkin will feel smooth to the touch, and the hand feeling will not be particularly soft. It will also show a "glowing and shining" effect under the illumination of the light.

(4) Whether it contains fluorescent agent. If the soft cotton napkin is added with fluorescent agent component, obvious blue light spots can appear under the irradiation of ultraviolet light. Cotton tissue papers with chemical ingredients such as fluorescent agents added will irritate the skin and may rot your face when used to wash your face.

(5) Thickness. The thickness of the soft cotton napkin determines the water absorption and whether it is convenient to use. If we use it to wipe the face but one soft cotton napkin cannot dry the entire face, you may feel the soft cotton napkin is useless. It is best to choose a soft cotton napkin of moderate thickness.

(6) Size. The size of the cotton tissue paper is related to whether it is convenient to use, and the size can be determined according to the scene of use. For wiping your baby's hands and mouth, you can choose a small size; for washing your face or wiping your butt, you can choose a large size. It is best not to buy soft cotton napkins that are large in size and cheap.

(7) Brand. Some inferior brands of soft cotton napkins may be unqualified in terms of material and craftsmanship, affecting our experience and even hurting the skin, so we should choose regular brand soft cotton napkins when choosing.

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