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What is a Cotton Paper Towel? A Euphemism of Health and Delicacy!

Have ever had such an embarrassment: when you want to wipe with a paper towel after a meal, the scraps of the paper towel are unexpectedly fluttering; when you want to go to the bathroom to tidy up your appearance, you find there is no cotton pad, and ordinary paper towels are easily torn up after being wet. Then you have to give up. But if you put a pack of cotton paper towels in your bag, these problems can be solved. Why? Because it is "healthy" and "delicate"!

1. The cotton paper towels are healthy and delicate

The so-called cotton paper towels are actually cotton towels made of 100% pure natural cotton, which are processed and shaped by spunlace nonwoven technology. Compared with ordinary paper towels, cotton paper towels has the characteristics of softness and fineness, no scraps, and strong water absorption.

First of all, it feels fine and delicate to use, can help avoid the intrusion of roughness on the skin, and can better care for the soft skin of children and women. What's more, cotton paper towels do not have any chemical ingredients added, and they can ensure that they are "harmless" while they are in close contact with the skin.

Secondly, from the current experience, the cotton paper towel itself has a strong fiber layer, and will not fall off scraps like normal paper towels after repeated use and rubbing. No matter it is before and after meals, or when you are wiping your face, there is no need to worry about the fluttering of paper scraps, which can be described as "healthy."

Finally, because cotton paper towels are made of cotton nonwoven fabric, they can be "stubbornly resistant to the end" even if they are torn after being wet. Not to mention that girls use it instead of cotton pads, and boys can use it to clean as rags. Regarding this point, one of its precautions has been expressed to the extreme: the material is renewable and degradable!

2. The cotton paper towel will bring a superior experience and health protection to people

Although there are only three points listed above, its characteristics in the actual experience are far more than these. After all, cotton paper towels also have various advantages such as thickness, durability, and pure naturalness. It has advantages over ordinary paper towels and even wet wipes. Some people might think that the price of such a product is not low. Indeed, due to its advantages in material and applicability, the price of cotton paper towels is higher than that of ordinary tissues, wet wipes, and other products on the market, but is this really important? After all, the market faced by cotton paper towels is mainly family-oriented, and the price overflow is not much. On the contrary, the higher price means a better user experience and higher health protection. Isn't it enough?

As a professional cotton tissue manufacturer, Winner Medical's cotton-soft tissue series are all manufactured by using patented spunlace nonwoven technology. Our cotton paper towels are soft, have good flexibility and can be used in wet and dry environments. In addition, cotton facial tissues made by materials such as spunlace cotton are also very environmentally friendly. If you are interested in our products, please contact us immediately!

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