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What is the Difference Between Cotton Soft Towel and Paper Towel?

Since its introduction, cotton soft tissue have become a new environmentally friendly alternative to paper towels, with their softness and delicacy, good absorbency, and lack of scraps. In addition to the problems of being easily broken by wet water and shedding scraps, the bleaching agent and wet strength agent contained in paper towels are also rejected by more and more people who pay attention to health. As consumers increasingly recognize cotton soft tissue, cotton soft tissue have a tendency to replace paper towels. What is the difference between cotton soft tissue and paper towel?

1. The material of cotton tissue paper for face and paper towel is different

The main component of paper towels is wood pulp, with chlorine, bleaching powder, alcohol and other ingredients added. Because in the process of making paper towels, a certain amount of raw short wood pulp fiber and even a certain amount of talcum powder will be added. Therefore, in the process of use, there will be short fibers and talc falling off, which is what we commonly call "powder dropping", and some poor paper towels have small flying scraps visible to the naked eye.

The cotton soft tissue adopts the world's leading spunlace nonwoven technology, and the production process from raw materials to finished products is completed in a 100,000-level purified production environment, and pollution is controlled from the source in every production link. It is the natural material and scientific and rigorous process that make the cotton soft towel soft and delicate, and make it have good water absorption, no scraps, high tear resistance, strong cleaning power, etc. With the delicate and comfortable touch, it can carefully care for delicate skin.

Due to the difference in material and production process, the cotton soft tissue for the face is softer and more flexible than the paper towel, so the cotton soft towel has strong water absorption and will not break when it encounters water. The paper towel is much worse. Generally, the paper towel will break when touched with water.

2. Cotton tissue paper for faces and paper towels have different purposes

From the point of view of use, in addition to being easy to carry, the cotton soft tissue can also be used wet or dry because it will not break when soaked in water. It can be used by adults and children. It can be used for daily face washing, makeup removal, wet compress, and cleaning in various occasions. It is safe, soft and non-allergic and care for all kinds of skin types. It can also be used as baby drool towels, sweat towels, small handkerchiefs and wet wipes and so on, to solve the baby's daily cleaning needs, and to care for the baby's delicate skin, which is a good helper for mothers and fathers to care for their babies. A cotton soft towel can be used many times, and finally can be used to wipe shoes, wipe tables and chairs. Paper towels cannot be used with water, and if you wash your baby's face, it is estimated that it will stick to the skin. Basically, using a paper towel is just for adults to wipe their nose and buttocks. If you use it frequently to blow your nose, your nose will turn red.

3. Cotton tissue paper for faces and paper towels have different price

The price of cotton soft tissue made of cotton is destined to be higher than that of paper towels, but if you consider the use of cotton soft tissue is irreplaceable and cotton soft tissue can be reused, and one cotton soft towel life is equal to three paper towels, then the price of cotton soft tissue is not that high. With the wave of consumption upgrading sweeping, the national consumption demand is also constantly changing. For consumers, the improvement of economic level allows consumers to have more choices when purchasing goods. In today's consumer market, price is no longer the most important indicator affecting consumer behavior, and consumers pay more attention to product quality and good experience.

With sustainable cotton fiber and sustainable process, sustainable facial cotton tissues are made to give you a more environmentally friendly and high-quality life! One piece of cotton soft tissue  is used once, and one piece can be reused 2 to 3 times. It can be naturally degraded after use, and does not add burden to the environment.

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