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What is the Difference Between Edge Pressed Cosmetic Cotton Pad and Ordinary Cosmetic Cotton Pad?

1. The meaning of edge-pressed cosmetic cotton pad

The advantage of edge pressed cosmetic cotton pad is that the cotton wool inside is not easy to run out due to the two sides of the pinched edge, it has good toughness, so it is not easy to tear, and it is not easy to run cotton, the liquid is not easy to lose. It is generally used mainly for wiping lotion, which can easily lock in moisture. It can be used to wipe the face back and forth, not easy to deform, but such a cosmetic cotton pad is not suitable for the face, because it requires a lot of water to be poured, and it is also easy to break. This type of cosmetic cotton pad is not easy to lose cotton wool because of the pinched edge, so it can be used for wiping makeup, removing makeup or secondary cleaning. You may also be interested in cotton pads wholesale for more information.

2. The use of edge pressed the cosmetic cotton pad

(1) Remove makeup

Moisten the cosmetic cotton pad with makeup remover and gently wipe it over your face until no color is left on the pad (be sure to absorb enough makeup remover so as to minimize skin pulling). When removing eye makeup, apply a moistened cosmetic cotton pad to your eyes and leave it on for about 30 seconds before gently wiping it off.

(2) Apply toner

After cleansing, pour the toner on the cosmetic cotton pad and gently wipe it in the direction against the growth of the skin texture and pore. It can play the role of secondary cleaning and softening the keratin, which can help the subsequent skin care and promote absorption. This is also the method of secondary cleaning with lotion. It is common to do a second cleaning and then refill.

(3) Apply lotion

Not that all lotions have to be applied with cosmetic cotton pads. You can generally use cosmetic cotton pads to apply thinner textured lotions, but thicker textured lotions, like Clinique butter, choose to apply by hand, because they will be absorbed by cosmetic cotton pads.

3. The difference between the edge-pressed cosmetic cotton pad and ordinary cosmetic cotton pad

(1) Stronger. The edge-pressed cosmetic unbleached pads has side edge pressing and full edge pressing, which is more solid than ordinary cosmetic cotton pad, and not easy to deform.

(2) It cannot be disassembled for use. The edge-pressed cosmetic cotton pad cannot be taken apart, so it is not suitable for applying to the face.

(3) The liquid is not easy to lose. The design makes the liquid poured into the cotton not easy to lose, so it is suitable for removing makeup and wiping toner.

4. Different forms of cosmetic cotton pad

(1) Cosmetic cotton pad pressed on the side

Suitable for lotion and thin textured emulsion, the design of edge pressing can keep the water absorption of cotton sheets.

(2) All-wrapped cosmetic cotton pad

The edge-pressed cosmetic cotton pad is very convenient to use. Whether it is to remove makeup or apply lotion, the toughness of the cotton sheet is very good. There is no need to worry about the cotton wrinkle or being pulled out of shape.

(3) Cosmetic cotton pad with no edge pressing

The cosmetic cotton pads for face without edge pressing is thicker, and the thicker material is more suitable to be divided into sheets after being soaked with lotion, so as to ensure that the moisture is absorbed by the skin and the cotton will not drip.

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