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What is the Difference Between Kitchen Towels and Kitchen Wipes?

Kitchen wet wipes are used to scrub kitchen sinks, cooking range, and other kitchen and bathroom supplies. They have the effect of degreasing and inhibiting bacteria, which is very convenient. Kitchen wet wipes are mainly used to clean the kitchen. Good kitchen wet wipes contain natural antibacterial ingredients, which can effectively inhibit bacteria in the kitchen. In the era of no kitchen wet wipes, people mainly use rags to clean the kitchen. The rags can be reused, but after a long time, they will emit a smell, and it will become darker and darker, and cannot be washed clean, so it becomes the origin of bacteria. The emergence of kitchen wet wipes solved the problem that rags could not solve. Kitchen wet wipes are more capable of cleaning range hoods, cooking hearth, kitchen countertops, and other bacterial "hardest-hit areas", and they are easy to wipe and can be used once. Just one wet wipe can wipe the range hood and cooking hearth, which is both safe and convenient.

1. Analysis of the characteristics of kitchen tissue wipes and kitchen wet wipes

(1) Kitchen tissue wipe

Kitchen tissue wipes are mainly clean and hygienic to use, and will not cause the secondary spread of bacteria. They can be used not only for household cleaning but also for absorbing food moisture and oil. The kitchen tissue wipe can be folded and placed at the bottom of the oil filter box of the range hood to absorb excess oil stains and prevent stubborn oil stains from accumulating in the box. To a certain extent, it can be cleaned out at one time, so it is very convenient to clean. Of course, the most important thing is that when doing kitchen chores, a kitchen tissue wipe can be used to absorb the moisture of the dishes, wipe the cooking range, the range hood, etc. Because kitchen tissue wipes are thick and absorbent and do not leave hair or paper scraps, they are also very suitable for household cleaning in non-kitchen places such as mirrors, glass windows, and tables. The effect is better than that of rags.

(2) Kitchen wet wipes

Kitchen wet wipes have a sterilization effect, with a sterilization rate of 99.99%. The disinfecting effect of kitchen wet wipes belongs to active degreasing. Compared with the method of adding detergent after soaking a rag, it only needs to be wiped lightly, which is suitable for the fast-paced lifestyle of modern young people. In addition, while cleaning oil stains, it can also disinfect the surface of objects, creating a clean kitchen environment for us. The kitchen wet wipe is fragrant and does not hurt hands, and sterilization does not mean that it contains alcohol. Kitchen wet wipes are non-alcoholic disinfection, which can effectively remove Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, etc. without irritation.

2. Various uses of kitchen wet wipes

Kitchen cleaning wipes can not only clean the range hood but also clean the socket phone and so on. Before wiping the range hood with kitchen wet wipes, wipe the sockets and switches, which can be clean in an instant. Sitting and watching TV while wiping down the phone and remote control with a kitchen wet wipe, it immediately becomes unimaginably clean. It solves the previously small annoying cleaning problem.

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