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What is the Production Process for Medical Cotton Swabs?

Many customers have seen the prospect of the cotton swab market in recent years and are considering opening a medical cotton swab factory. However, they know nothing about the production process of medical cotton swabs. The following describes the production process of medical cotton swabs.

The production workshop of medical cotton swabs needs to meet the requirements of medical-level dust-free sterilization and cannot cause environmental pollution. Since the medical cotton swab machine also requires 304 stainless steel materials, it also needs disinfection equipment of cotton swab that meets the requirements.

Medical cotton swabs are non-toxic, non-irritating, and have good water absorption

There are many types of cotton swabs. Many people think that sterilized cotton swabs are medical cotton swabs, but this is not the case. Medical sterile cotton swabs are made from medical degreased cotton and refined bamboo or plastic rods. The cotton head has strong water absorption. After absorbing the disinfectant, it can evenly wipe the skin to achieve the disinfection effect. It is mainly used for medical and health units and household hygiene care to disinfect the patient's skin, treat wounds, and apply medicine.

Medical cotton swab stick can be used to directly treat wounds, and can be used directly after opening the bag. Medical cotton swabs should be stored in an indoor environment with a relative humidity of no more than 80%, no corrosive gas, and good ventilation, and avoid high temperature and direct sunlight. Since medical cotton swabs are sterilized products, there is generally no clear distinction between medical cotton swabs and sterilized cotton swabs. When using medical cotton swabs, attention should be paid to:

  • Medical cotton swabs are sterilized with ethylene oxide and are disposable. They should be uniformly destroyed after use.

  • If rupture and leaks are found, they should be sterilized again before use.

  • Avoid high temperature, humidity, and direct sunlight.

  • Please keep away from children.

Production process of medical cotton swabs

Choose qualified cotton. First of all, the production process of medical cotton swabs is to crush the cotton through a cotton breaker and uniformly convey it forward. At the same time, the cotton swab rod and cotton fiber are conveyed forward together, so that the head of the cotton swab rod rolls onto the surface of the first rubber roller with cotton glue. The cotton swab head is glued with cotton swab glue and comes into contact with cotton fiber. The cotton swab rod is rotated to wrap the cotton fiber onto the head of the swab rod. The cotton fiber on the cotton swab rod is squeezed on the first shaping plate, and quickly rotated on the first shaping plate to preliminarily shape the cotton fiber on the cotton strip. Using the shaping glue, the cotton fiber is rolled onto the surface of the second rubber roller with the fixing agent, so that the cotton fiber is rolled out with the fixing agent on the surface, and the cotton fiber on the cotton swab rod is squeezed into the second shaping plate, and the second shaping plate is rotated. Then the cotton fiber on the cotton swab rod is shaped, and the shaped cotton swab is dried.

The dried cotton swabs are wrapped on the packaging machine, then precisely counted with the packaging bag, and then packaged without sterilization. The packaged medical cotton swabs are then placed back into the carton and sent to the sterilization workshop of medical cotton swab, which usually takes about 7 to 15 days for sterilization before being sent out of the warehouse.

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