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What is the Use of Panty Liners?

Panty liners are thin, absorbent pads that are worn in underwear to collect fluids. Unlike the sanitary pad, which is smaller and thinner, you can think of it as a mini sanitary pad. For some women, a panty liner is an integral part of private hygiene, it helps keep your private clean and hygienic, so they wear it every day. Others prefer to use it only on days when they are expected to have vaginal discharge.


Why to Use Panty Liners?

Panty liners are the best way to manage vaginal discharge anytime during your non-menstrual period. It saves you from hassle and protects your undergarments - two important things for most women.

1. Absorb daily vaginal discharge. Vaginal discharge in women is a normal mechanism for the body to protect itself, but too much discharge can cause some embarrassment. Panty liners can help collect secretions and avoid getting your panties wet or soiled.

2. Absorb slight leakage. Women experience stress incontinence postpartum, which occurs when activities such as coughing, laughing, sneezing, or running put pressure on the bladder. Wearing panty liners can help you reduce the anxiety that comes with this sudden situation.

3. A few days before and after your period. You can wear panty liners a few days before your period to avoid accidents, especially if your periods are irregular. In the days after your period, panty liners can also be used to collect fluids when there is less flow.

4. Wear with tampons and menstrual cups. For women accustomed to tampons and menstrual cups, panty liners are an indispensable addition. On days with heavy menstrual flow, and at night when you go to bed, using a panty liner can give you more peace of mind during your period.

5. Wear it when traveling. Underwear cleaning can often be a problem when traveling or traveling for business. Wearing and changing panty liner frequently can help solve this problem.

6. Wear during postpartum hemorrhage. Postpartum bleeding in women can last four to eight weeks. If the bleeding is not heavy in the later period, panty liners can be used to collect fluids.


How to Use Panty Liner?

Panty pads are used in the same way as sanitary pads, but with a few caveats.

1. Pay attention to observing the state of the panty liner to avoid excessive moisture and replace it in time.

2. The absorption capacity of the panty liner is relatively small, do not sleep in the panty liner to avoid accidents.

3. Choose panty liners that are made of 100% cotton and avoid scented ones. Chemical fiber materials and fragrances may be irritating to the skin.

Can You Wear a Panty Liner While Swimming?

We do not recommend swimming in a panty liner. The first is that the panty liner gets soaked in water when immersed in water, so it can't absorb menstrual blood. Secondly, the panty liner relies on the back glue to stick to the underwear. Soaking in water may cause the stickiness to slowly disappear and fall off, and then float to the water embarrassingly. So if you're going to swim during your period, we recommend using a tampon instead of a pad or liner.

Can You Use Panty Liners for Periods?

As all women know, the menstrual cycle is divided into different stages, pre-menstrual, mid-menstrual, and late-menstrual period, and the needs of each stage are different. As mentioned earlier, the premenstrual period is very suitable for wearing panty liners, especially for women with irregular menstrual cycles, wearing panty liners during this period can avoid accidents.

Can You Use Panty Liners for Periods?

Discharge happens almost every day, and changes in the amount, color and smell reflect your body changes. You can't prevent it because this is how your body stays clean and healthy. When there are a lot of secretions, it may wet the underwear, and the humid and hot environment will easily allow bacteria to breed, which will cause vaginal diseases. We recommend choosing to wear a 100% cotton panty liner to absorb fluids to avoid the above. For most women, Panty liner is a source of security in special times. It is also important to choose a healthy and environmentally friendly material, we recommend using a panty liner of 100% cotton.

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