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What's the Difference Between Wet Toilet Paper and Wet Wipes?

Wet toilet paper is a new toilet paper product, more comfortable than the traditional toilet paper, the cleaning performance is stronger, and it has a certain sterilization, deodorization and health care functions, favored by many families. Wet toilet paper and wet wipes are not the same product. They differ in terms of their ability to be dispersed, their suitability for private use, their ability to remove bacteria, and their water content. Choose wet toilet paper based on its base cloth, antibacterial ability, mild safety and flushable performance. Let's learn about wet toilet paper.

1. The difference between wet toilet paper and wet wipes

(1) Whether it can be dispersed

Spunlace non woven fabric for wet wipes is made of high quality non-woven fabric after disinfection and sterilization, and non-woven fabric is unable to decompose in the toilet. Wet toilet paper is mostly made of wood pulp, which breaks down in toilets and drains.

(2) Whether the PH value is suitable for private parts

High quality wet toilet paper has passed the "vaginal mucosa test", the PH is weak acid, will not destroy the acid-base balance of the human body, suitable for people whose private parts are sensitive to use. But the balance of pH and alkalinity of the private part is not guaranteed, so it is not suitable for long-term use.

(3) The ability to remove bacteria

Wet toilet paper is highly resistant to bacteria, including E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans. And it is not the chemical killing of fungicide, but physical erasure, mild and not irritating. And ordinary wet wipes have no sterilizing ability, even specialized sterilizing wet wipes are also bactericidal using alcohol and other chemical ingredients, which will stimulate people with sensitive skin.

(4) Water content

The water content of toilet wet wipes is half that of ordinary wipes, and the butt is clean and refreshing after wiping. The high water content of common wet wipes will leave a sticky feeling of wet use.

2. Choose the method of toilet wet wipes

(1) Look at the base cloth

The wet toilet paper on the market is mainly divided into two types: professional wet toilet paper made of native wood pulp and dust-free paper. High-quality wet wipes should be mainly composed of natural skin-friendly raw wood pulp, combined with high-quality PP fiber, in order to create a truly soft skin-friendly product base.

(2) Look at the ability to remove bacteria

A good quality toilet wet wipe should be effective in removing 99.9% of bacteria. Most importantly, the mechanism of good quality wet toilet paper should be physical removal, which means bacteria are removed from the paper after wiping, rather than chemical killing methods. Therefore, a good quality wet toilet paper product should not contain benzalkonium chloride, the fungicide which can cause irritation to the private parts.

(3) Look at the mild safety

High-quality wet toilet paper should pass the "vaginal mucosa test" stipulated by the state, and the PH value is weakly acidic. Only in this way can it effectively protect the sensitive skin of the private part. It is suitable for use in the private part every day and during menstruation and pregnancy.

(4) Look at the ability of dispersion

Not only does it mean that it can decompose in the toilet, but more importantly, it can decompose in the sewer. Only the base cloth of wet toilet paper made of raw wood pulp can have the ability to decompose in the sewer.

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