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Kitchen Wipes Can Clean Grease in One Step

Kitchen grease wipes can easily solve kitchen grease problems. Compared to ordinary wipes, kitchen wipes are more efficient at removing grease, more hygienic, and most importantly, can provide a perfect using experience: strong cleaning power, no need for multiple cleanings, no need for water washing, and ready to use and throw away. For everyday grease, one kitchen wipe will do it all. No matter it is table, stove top, two or three dishes, it is easy to clean. Kitchen wipes are made of textured non-woven fabric, moistened by detergents and germicides, and can be pulled out for direct wiping to remove general stains.

Kitchen wet wipes are a common daily product in the United States and Japan. Kitchen wet wipes are more excellent in the sense of use, and they have strong cleaning power and moderate humidity. They do not leave foam or water stains when wiping. The non-woven fabric is resistant to pulling and is not easy to deform and snag, and is very convenient to use.

1. The performance of kitchen wipes

Kitchen wipes: it is easy to wipe clean and is not easy to transfer stains. Besides, it is easy to wipe dry with no need to clean after use. Ordinary rags: add water and detergent to scrub, and then wipe them several times. After use, they need to be washed, dried, and disinfected to prevent the breeding of bacteria and odors.

Kitchen stains are mainly grease, soot and water stains, tea stains and other scale. Grease can be handled by hot water and detergent, while scale and others often need to be removed with the help of baking soda, citric acid, etc. Kitchen wipes contain highly effective stain removing detergents, so everyday kitchen stains can be easily dealt with. It is also suitable for microwave ovens, ovens, refrigerators and other appliances that are not convenient for daily washing and difficult to clean.

A kitchen wipe can wipe the countertops and walls without leaving stubborn dirt. When it is used to wipe heavy grease stains of tableware, the effect is good without hurting your hands, so as to reduce the flow of grease into the sewer to prevent sewer clogging; no brush, no citric acid, baking soda; aged tea scale can be easily wiped away; hoods, kitchen ceiling and other places that are hard to scrub can also be easily cleaned, without polluting the countertop or the ground.

2. Product details of kitchen wipes

The main components of kitchen grease wipes are non-woven fabric, water, detergent, germicidal agent and fragrance. Among them, the detergent contains cationic surfactants and non-ionic surfactants, while commercially available brands of kitchen wet wipes generally use a single detergent, in which sodium citrate is added to enhance the ability to remove scale. Both can handle daily kitchen dirt, but the cleaning power of the latter one for aged soot, rust spots, etc., is slightly weaker.

The germicidal agent has a 99% bactericidal rate against Staphylococcus aureus and E. coli. The difference is that most kitchen wipes add lemon, ginger and other flavors to give rise to the fragrance, but rarely add germicides. After comparing different brands of wipes, it is found that although they are made of non-woven material, but it is softer to the touch, just like soft cotton cloth. While others have a stronger chemical fiber sense, and the ability to absorb oil stains is also slightly weaker. In the face of butter, a kind of thick and soft oil, it is easy to get stain everywhere. With the seal paste double design, moisture evaporation is prevented; the size of the wet wipes is equivalent to that of A4 paper, and the thickness is moderate so that it is impermeable to oil; the shell pattern effectively enhances the friction.

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