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Which One is Better, Bamboo Fiber Bath Towels or Cotton Bath Towels?

As science continues to progress, the production technology of the textile industry has also been greatly improved. Nowadays, the types of bath towels that everyone sees in the market are also dazzling. Among them, bamboo fiber and cotton bath towels with different raw materials are the two products that everyone discusses more. Some people think that bamboo fiber bath towel is a high-tech product, so its quality must be very good. Some people think that cotton bath towel has stand the test of time because it is used earlier. So which one is better, bamboo fiber bath towels or cotton bath sheets? Winner PurCotton will analyze the question for everyone, so that you learn to select and distinguish the right bath towel with no more worries.

1. The difference between bamboo fiber bath towel and cotton bath towel

(1) Bamboo fiber bath towel

Bamboo pulp fiber is made from cellulose extracted from bamboo. The bath towel made of bamboo fiber is breathable, wearable and absorbent. Bamboo fiber bath towels have natural antibacterial and bacteriostatic effects. After repeated use, there will be no dulling of color, hardening, or slating. Especially it is suitable for small babies, because the skin of small babies is particularly delicate and is the most vulnerable to bacterial attack, bamboo fiber bath towel at this time can play a role with its natural antibacterial and bacteriostatic effects.

(2) Cotton bath towels

Cotton fiber is natural cellulose. Cotton bath towel has characteristics of good water absorption, strong decontamination ability, easy cleaning, long service life, and the fluff is not easy to fall off. The most important thing is that cotton bath towel has strong alkali resistance. Long-term use of cotton bath towels will breed bacteria and be harmful to the skin. It is recommended to remember to change it regularly when using cotton bath towels!

2. Selection tips of cotton bath towels

First of all, when we select the cotton bath sheets, it is important to have the first look to observe whether the bath towels are neatly crimped, whether the stitching is flat, whether the direction of the coil is uniform and neat, whether the color pattern is bright and clear.

Second, smell the bath towel to see if there is a candle-like or acid vinegar smell. If so, it means that the bath towel is added with excessive additives and its pH value exceeds the standard. This kind of bath towel not only has a pungent smell but also is harmful to human health, so it is not recommended to select.

Finally, feel the quality of the bath towel with your hands to feel the softness of the bath towel and check whether there is bump. Grip the bath towel with your hand and you will feel the softness of the bath towel in the palm of your hand. Then open your palm after gripping to see whether the bath towel stretches with elasticity. Pat the bath towel with your hands to see whether there is fluff falling off, whether the coil is messy. If not, then the bath towel is high-quality.

The above introduced the bamboo fiber bath towel and cotton bath towel. I believe we all have a certain understanding of their characteristics. I hope you can pick out the right bath towel according to their characteristics!

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