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Non-Woven Bags Will Gradually Replace Paper Bags, Occupying a Dominant Position in the Packaging Industry

1. Reasons for the growing market of non-woven fabric cloth bags

When it comes to bags, the earliest one is plastic bags. More than a hundred years ago, plastic bags were invented by Austrian scientists. This invention has brought a lot of convenience to human beings. However, today's environment tells everyone, and to the surprise of the inventor of plastic bags, plastic bags have become a major source of pollution in modern society. Because of the mass production and distribution of plastic bags, at the same time, many users of plastic bags do not pay attention to environmental protection, which has led to a crisis in our living environment. As a result, the environmental organization has labeled it one of the worst inventions.

Many businesses provide consumers with non-woven fabric cloth bags. In many respects, the production cost of non-woven fabric cloth bags is low and the recyclable value is high. Many businesses are willing to provide non-woven fabric cloth bags to consumers for this reason. And many consumers say that before the release of non-woven fabric cloth bags, they have never used non-woven fabric cloth bags, but as time goes by, the frequency is higher and higher and now they use non-woven fabric cloth bags every day. This is a quality leap.

For the manufacturers of non-woven fabric cloth bags, the state advocates the concept of environmental protection, and consumers' awareness of environmental protection is increasing. It is believed that the market for non-woven fabric cloth bags will only grow larger in the future. So, non-woven fabric cloth bag manufacturers are more motivated to do a good job in manufacturing each non-woven bag.

2. Non-woven fabric cloth bags will gradually replace paper bags

First of all, the production of non-woven packaging bags is gradually maturing: non-woven fabric cloth bags have been continuously improved, and the production technology has gradually matured. From the single color in the past to the current diverse colors, it has met the requirements of the packaging industry for it. Now the non-woven fabric cloth bags are colorful and the printing is realistic. From simple screen printing to film color printing, it is easy to bring out the vivid themes of various products.

Secondly, the reusability of the non-woven fabric cloth bag as a shopping bag. The advantage of non-woven fabric cloth bags over paper bags is that they can be reused. A paper bag can only be used once, and the cost is higher than that of non-woven fabric cloth bags, which cannot fully reflect the advertising value. However, non-woven fabric cloth bags can be used repeatedly. After the mission of the packaging bag is completed, it can take on the mission of the advertising bag. And the price is low.

Finally, the society's requirements for environmental protection. Non-woven fabric cloth bags are environmentally friendly bags, and their easy decomposition can reduce environmental pollution and reduce the use of plastic bags accordingly. The raw material of paper bags is wood, and a large number of paper bags are bound to waste a lot of forest resources in the country, which is contrary to the environmental protection policies of various countries in the world. Due to the gradual reduction of the earth's forest resources, the price of paper bags will be higher and higher.

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