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Why Are Soft Cotton Napkins More and More Popular?

An epidemic has made people think and examine life more. No matter attitudes, lifestyles or living habits, they are changing subtly. People pay more attention to the safety and convenience of daily necessities.

In home life, bedding, towels and other supplies, as the closest "partners" to people, should receive more "care". Taking towels as an example, frequent hand washing, frequent disinfection and other living habits will inevitably increase the frequency of use of towels. At the same time, another "species" has gradually entered people's attention, and has gradually been accepted by the market due to its convenience and disposable properties. This is the disposable cotton tissue paper for face. Driven by consumption upgrades and young consumer groups, the market has grown rapidly, and consumer recognition and acceptance are further improving.

When people pay more and more attention to their own personal hygiene, the disposable cotton tissue paper for face will bring people another "sense of security". The word "disposable" sounds like two parallel lines to "cross infection", so in such usage scenarios, more people choose disposable face towels. In fact, towels and disposable face towels have a share on a fifty-fifty basis in terms of product advantages, but disposable face towels have their own personality.

1. Natural and environmentally friendly cotton tissue for face

Taking disposable face towel as an example, cotton comes from nature, which is natural, safe, soft and comfortable. Many consumers talk about disposable face towels from the perspective of paper towels or traditional textile towels. In fact, disposable face towels are a new type of non-woven product between paper towels and towels. It is made of  a unique spunlace non-woven fabrics technology and belongs to disposable sanitary products. Compared with paper towels and towels, it can provide much "just right" experience.

2. With disposable face towels, you do not have to worry about the problem of breeding bacteria

The most common use of soft cotton napkin is to wash your face. Cleansing is the first step in skin care. Wash your face cleanly, and subsequent skin care will be more effective. Towels are reused in a relatively humid environment such as the bathroom, which is easy to breed bacteria.

(1) Makeup remover

Compared with cotton pads, soft cotton napkins are more flexible and larger in size. In the past, it took several cotton pads to remove makeup, and it was very troublesome, not to mention the waste of makeup remover. But a thin face towel can completely remove the makeup on the whole face. Makeup on the eyes, lips and face can be removed cleanly at one time. No matter how you wipe it, there will be no crumbs, which is worry-free and excellent.

(2) Scrub and smear mask

Anyone who has used a smear-type mask knows that if you wash it by hand, it is really time-consuming. It is not easy to wipe with a paper towel, and it is difficult to clean with a towel. A piece of disposable cotton tissue paper for face is just right, you'll know it after you've used it.

(3) Clean makeup brushes

Rub the eye shadow brush back and forth on the soft cotton napkin, and it is easy to clean the eye shadow on the brush. In addition, the pearl pattern soft cotton napkin will increase the friction when wiping, and the cleaning effect will be better. You don't have to wash your makeup brushes as often anymore. It's a little trick.

(4) Cleaning items and furniture

You may inevitably feel a bit wasteful after washing your face with the soft cotton napkin, especially if the material is thicker. In fact, we can use it for a second time - wiping shoes, tables, and even the grease in the kitchen. Spray some detergent before wiping, and the effect is better.

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