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The Compressed Towel: a Disposable Product

Towel is an essential household item in our daily life. Whether at home or in the hotel, towels are one of the necessary items. Now people's requirements for goods are getting higher and higher, gradually from a single function to multi-functional, high-grade direction, and compressed cotton towels just meet this development trend. Compressed towels are economically priced, small and easy to carry, and there are many shapes after processing.

Towels are also divided into many kinds, one of which is compressed towel. The compressed towel is also known as miniature towel, but many consumers who buy compressed towel do not know how to use. The following is to introduce the relevant knowledge of compressed towel.

1. Compressed towel is a relatively popular new product in recent years

Compressed towel makes the towel equipped with appreciation, present, collection, gift, health and disease prevention and other new functions. At present, it is a very popular towel. Compressed towel is a new product. It is a relatively small, beautiful, hygienic, and convenient towel, gives the original towel a new life, improves the grade of the product. After the trial production, the compressed towel wholesale has been warmly welcomed by the majority of consumers. The compressed towel has the characteristics of easy to carry, small and exquisite, novel and chic, clean and hygienic, etc. It has become a must-have product for people during travel and business trip, and the compressed towel can also eliminate people's worries about the hygiene of the towel.

2. Compressed towels can be given as gifts

The use of compressed cotton towels are actually very simple. The compressed towel is a cotton compressed towel, clean and sanitary, easy to carry, moisturizing and improving beauty, which can be reused. Put the compressed towel into water for three seconds, and the towel immediately becomes a small hand towel. The compressed towel is very convenient to use. Compressed towel is very compact, and it is very convenient to use. At the same time, the compressed towel is also sterilized by ultraviolet light. The shell uses the advanced PVC encapsulation technology, so that the product does not directly contact with the air, thus effectively avoiding product contamination. Therefore, you can rest assured to use.

Compressed towel is generally disposable, convenient to carry when traveling on business, which can replace the general towel to use. At the same time, because it is compressed, it is relatively small, so it is very convenient to carry. The compressed towel is actually the same as the general towel in terms of function, only smaller, and more convenient to carry.

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