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Why Should We Choose Cotton Hotel Bath Towels?

Understanding of cotton bath towels

The series of cotton bath towels are crafted from high-quality cotton, providing a naturally comfortable feel when in contact with the skin. The towels are soft, fluffy, and highly absorbent, using non-toxic and pollutant-free high-end dyes, ensuring good colorfastness and durability after washing.

The appearance of cotton bath towel: whether printed or plain towels, as long as the materials are of good quality and the manufacturing technology is great, the colors are generally bright and have a fresh feel. Besides, the patterns are clear, the loops are even, and the edges are neat.

Feel of cotton bath towels: top-quality towels are soft to the touch, fluffy, and elastic when held in the hand.

Features of cotton hotel bath towels

Absorption of moisture

Cotton fibers have good moisture absorption, and under normal circumstances, the fibers can absorb water from the air, so people will feel soft and comfortable when in contact with it.

Heat resistance and durability

Cotton fabrics are heat-resistant, and at temperatures below 110°C, only the moisture in the fabric will evaporate without damaging the fibers. Therefore, cotton fabrics have good resistance to washing, dyeing, and other treatments at room temperature, thereby improving their wash resistance and durability.

Alkali resistance

Cotton fibers have good resistance to alkalis. In an alkaline solution, the fibers remain undamaged, making it easier to wash off the pollutants and achieve disinfection. Cotton fabrics can also be dyed, printed, and processed in various ways to produce new cotton textiles.

Maintenance of cotton hotel bath towels

The cotton hotel bath towels should be kept in a well-ventilated and dry place to prevent the growth of bacteria and stains, which will increase the lifespan of the towels. Usage suggestions: hotel bath towels should be replaced regularly. All products have a usage period, and towels are organic and fibrous, with a usage period of approximately three months.

Thick yet lightweight

A thick bath towel has good water absorption and can wrap around the body warmly. However, if it is too heavy, it will be difficult to clean. It is not easy to rub or dry. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a thick and lightweight bath towel.

Simple yet elegant

The plain cotton bath towels are generally not dyed during processing. If there is a printing process, choose towels that use environment-friendly and dye-free materials. Plain towels can also be woven into beautiful patterns using technologies such as cut pile, zero twist, or Jacquard loom, which adds elegance to the towel.

Sturdy yet soft

A good cotton bath towel should be sturdy but not rough. You can judge the towel's degree of "fineness" by looking at the finished edge and label.

Soft yet dense

When shopping, look at the material on the label. High-quality bath towels are generally made of combed, fine-cotton or long-cotton fibers. Although the cost may be higher, the towels woven this way are dense and soft to the touch. As cotton bath towels often require high-temperature disinfection and washing, it is recommended to choose those made from heat-resistant plant fibers.

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