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Winner Medical Co., Ltd

Winner Medical is 30 Years Old! A Letter from the CEO

Since its establishment, Winner Medical Co., Ltd. has gone through 30 years. Looking back on the past, we have overcome obstacles, pioneered and innovated, and used actions to rectify the name of Made in China; After the anniversary, we brave the wind and waves and embrace the future. The three brands: "Winner Medical", "Purcotton" and "PureH2B" jointly compose a new chapter for the health industry!

1. Winner Medical adheres to principles of quality first, brand first, and social value more important than corporate value

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Winner Medical. Thirty years ago, Winner Medical Textile Co., Ltd., the predecessor of Winner Medical, was established in Zhuhai Special Economic Zone. Since the establishment of Winner Medical, it always adheres to the principles of quality first, product safety first, and social responsibility first as the fountain of ideas. It has always adhered to the development principles of quality bigger than profit, brand bigger than speed, and social value bigger than corporate value.

2. In the 30th anniversary of Winner Medical, we always want to say to you:

We reiterate our commitment, listen to your opinions, continue to improve our existing products, produce more products you want, and always provide these products at the lowest possible price. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Winner Medical, I would like to thank the party and government for their strong leadership and strong support! Thank all investors, customers, and partners for their care, help and sincere encouragement, and thank all the employees for concerted efforts. The original heart is like a rock. We work together and make contributions without regrets!

In the past years, Winner Medical has been forging ahead, being honest and pragmatic, forging ahead, and constantly innovating. With a mission full of responsibility, we pursue in exploration and surpass in pursuit, and are committed to becoming the most trustworthy medical and daily necessities company! In the days to come, Winner Medical will continue to stay true to its original aspiration, keep its mission in mind, pursue persistently, keep forging ahead, and move towards a higher goal and create new brilliance!

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