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Winner Medical's Charity Event: Bringing Health Class to the Campus

Health supplies should be readily available, and health knowledge should be ingrained. In order to popularize personal wound care knowledge to the society and help children, parents, and teachers deal with and treat common wounds, reduce the risk of infection, Winner Medical organized a public welfare class called "Health Care Knowledge in Schools" in 6 primary schools and kindergartens in Shenzhen, and presented hygiene protective products worth more than 1.13 million yuan to the teachers and students of the schools, providing them with caring support and accompanying them in a happy, safe, and healthy campus life.

purcotton-20230719-1.jpgThis public welfare initiative was held from June 16th to June 25th, successively at 6 schools in Longhua Innovation Experimental School, Longhua Chinese-English Experimental School, Hongchuang Kindergarten, Shenzhen Exhibition Hua Experimental School, Shenzhen Xinhua Middle School (Longwei Elementary School), and Shenzhen Longhua District Education Science Research Institute affiliated Foreign Language School. On the occasion of the founding of the party, the event was themed "Party Building Leads to Warmth in Children's Hearts, and Health Knowledge Enters the Campus", bringing students a deep, lively, interesting, and interactive classroom experience.

Teachers from Winner Medical started with the daily concepts of "hand hygiene" and "wound care", combined with games and lectures, to popularize the importance of hand hygiene to children, teach them the correct hand washing steps, and help them learn how to handle falls, bruises, animal bites, and burns. This enables everyone to handle special situations in life correctly and confidently, and grow up in a healthy, happy, and positive way.
purcotton-20230719-2.jpgAt the same time, Winner Medical donated a batch of children's hygiene cleaning products, wound care products, and protective equipment worth more than 1.13 million yuan to the six aforementioned schools, including Super Wings series masks, adhesive bandages, hand sanitizing gel, and ginger hand wash, which provides full material guarantee for students' campus life and puts into action the social responsibility of medical enterprises.

Youth and children are the flowers and the rising sun of our country. Winner Medical has always been concerned about the development of youth and children, and in recent years has donated public welfare materials to schools in mountainous areas and helped establish green-loving computer classrooms, making contributions to improving the teaching environment and enriching campus life. At the same time, through continuous and unremitting public welfare scientific popularization activities, such as the "May 5th Hand Protection Festival" for the general public and the "Intelligent Infection Control Training" roadshow for medical staff, efforts are made to enhance the level of social medical and health knowledge.

Winner Medical always adheres to the principle of "quality is more important than profit, brand is more important than speed, and social value is more important than corporate value", and incorporates ESG concepts into its corporate genes. Whether it is a social emergency or daily business operations, it always takes the lead, fulfills its mission, and practices public welfare, writing the responsibility and commitment of a national brand with practical actions.

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