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Are Organic Cotton Pads for Face Better for You?

Features of Organic Cotton Pads for Face


Organic cotton pads are softer, purer, and gentler on the skin. They are more absorbent and better for applying organic toners, organic makeup removers, organic nail polish removers, baby products, facial beauty masks, and other skincare products. Cotton pads made with synthetic fibers contain only a small percentage of cotton, and some of them contain no cotton at all. They use fabrics with certain properties to simulate the texture of cotton. But most importantly, they are not natural and may cause irritation and even allergic reactions. When you touch the surface of the pad, you can feel it is a bit bumpy and not as soft as 100% organic cotton pads.

GOTS and OCS Certifications:

GOTS and OCS-certified organic cotton are not only free of pesticides and other toxic chemicals but they are produced using more water and energy than conventional cotton. making them a more environmentally friendly choice.

100% Biodegradable:

Organic Cotton Pads are made from 100% eco-friendly organic cotton and are biodegradable, thereby reducing waste. Organic cotton pads are free of chlorine bleach, colorants, parabens, fragrances, SAP, plastics, and man-made materials, nothing that would take decades and centuries to break down. Cotton pads made from organic cotton degrade naturally in just three months.

Better for The Environment:

Organic cotton is grown in collaboration with nature, not against it. Organic cotton farming does not require the use of any pesticides to kill native bees, insects and birds, which play important roles in our ecosystem. At the same time no daCgerous chemicals won't seep into waterways and soil life is well protected.

Sustainable Choice:

Organic cotton is more sustainable and energy efficient than conventional cotton. Switching to this biodegradable and sustainable beauty option isn't just good for you, it's also good for the planet and all those who live on it. Organic cotton pads are a great addition to your skincare regime. They remove dead skin cells and improve the overall appearance of the skin with regular use.


Are Organic Cotton Pads for Face Better for You?

Sensitive skin can often be a life-long problem, and the good news is that you're not alone—70% of people worldwide feel their skin is prone to dryness, irritation, inflammation or adverse reactions. Chemical additives, environmental conditions, hormonal changes, stress, diet...there are just too many factors that can trigger or worsen skin sensitivity. Organic cotton is undoubtedly better for you than cotton pads made from man-made fibers.

Unlike the rough texture of cotton pads made of man-made fibers, organic cotton pads are softer and gentler on the skin without rubbing against the skin. Whether it is used to use toner or makeup remover, it is not easy to irritate your skin.

Cotton pads made from organic cotton are naturally sourced and grown without chemicals. They are hypoallergenic and more suitable for sensitive skin, reducing the risk of allergies and skin irritation. Not only that, but it's also breathable. All in all, organic cotton pads are a pleasure for your skin.


Which Organic Cotton Pads for Face are Best?

Winner Nonwovens cotton pads wholesale, cotton rounds bulk is made of 100% organic cotton, and it has achieved a pH balance with the skin, with extremely low allergenicity. We focus on the organic certification of raw materials from the beginning of cotton procurement and pay more attention to the continuation of the natural properties of materials in processing engineering. We can provide brands with two options bleached cotton and unbleached cotton. The bleaching process does not contain chlorine, and unbleaching makes the product look more natural because unbleached cotton pads look like there are some natural cotton leaves. Whether you choose to bleach or not, our 100% organic cotton is 100% certified to be pure, soft, and natural, just like Mother Nature. Winner Nonwovens respects you and your body.

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