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With a Cotton Tissue, Life Has Become Exquisite

The pursuit of quality life is particularly obvious in maternal and infant groups, and safety, health and quality become the key elements. Especially paper and cotton products with the high frequency of use, close contact with the baby, and large consumption, should be selected more carefully.

1. Paper towels vs. cotton tissues

With different materials and manufacturing processes, cotton tissues are softer in texture, applicable to a wider range of applications, and more environmentally friendly. Compared with paper towels, cotton tissues are made of cotton, which determines that cotton tissues are softer and skin-friendly. Moreover, the production technology of cotton spunlace non-woven fabric also makes cotton tissues not easy to break and fall off batting. Cotton tissues can be used both wet and dry. With wet warm water, it can replace the use of wet wipes, and usually can also replace the use of makeup cotton. It can also perfectly replace paper towels.

2. Cotton tissues take the place of traditional paper towels

In the process of parenting, many babies will appear "red butt" phenomenon. In serious cases, there are skin problems such as eczema. In spring and summer, outdoors there are always pollen, dust, catkins and other allergens, which may cause sensitization. The baby's delicate, whose skin with weak resistance is also prone to red, swollen, allergic phenomenon.

To do a good job of defensive measures, it is important to ensure that the supplies are clean, choose safe and comfortable paper and cotton products, reduce the chance of baby allergies. Not only babies, pregnant mothers also need "special care", whose demand of paper and cotton products are high. At this time safety and comfort are the first choice. Cotton tissues do not fall off batting in water, the water absorption is larger, and it is more able to meet the needs of baby and mother's delicate skin.

3. Cotton tissues take the place of wet wipes

Wet wipes are a good thing, but there is a problem, it is cold. In summer it is not a matter, but in winter the cold wet wipes will bring a cold feeling on the skin! Cotton tissues can not only be competent for playing the function of wet wipes, but also make up for the pain points of wet wipes perfectly.

4. Cotton tissues take the place of makeup remover cotton

Compared with the traditional cotton pad, the cotton tissue can better work with the removing makeup oil. The whole cotton texture can wipe the face skin, especially around the eyes, to reduce skin allergens, and at the same time, there will be no tingling and allergy caused by friction.

5. Cotton tissues take the place of kitchen paper

It is inevitable that there will be residual bacteria on oily dinner plates, traditional dishtowels and dishwashing cotton after long-term placement, so that the mother who love health cannot stand it. A cotton tissue can first suck out the grease, which not only reduces the amount of dishwashing liquid, but also protects the mother's hands. After washing, use cotton tissues to wipe clean, saving drying time.

Wipe mirrors, glasses, toys, milk bottles, fruit, shoes, glass, among other things! You can use your imagination to develop new features!

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