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What Function Does Medical Disinfection Wet Wipes Have?

Medical disinfection wet wipes are commonly used as disinfection tools in medical institutions, mainly used for the surface wiping and disinfection for the treatment vehicle, hemodialysis machine, ventilator, postoperative operating table and other objects in intensive care and other key departments; Compared with ordinary wet wipes, disinfection wet wipes have the advantages of low corrosion, low irritation, longer moisturizing time and good sterilization effect. We can also prepare some disinfection wet wipes in our daily life. Pay attention to the sterilization spectrum of the wet wipes, and pay attention to the humidity, material and shelf life. Now let's learn about medical disinfection wet wipes!

1. The role of medical disinfection wet wipes

(1) Used for wiping and disinfecting the surfaces of bedsides and bed units in key departments such as ICU, neonatal ICU, burn ward, and hemodialysis centers.

(2) Used for wiping and disinfecting the surface of objects in the treatment room of the ward.

(3) Used for wiping and disinfecting the surface of the treatment vehicle.

(4) Used for the surface wiping and disinfection for the surface of medical equipment such as hemodialysis machines and ventilators.

(5) Used for wiping and disinfecting the surface of dental chair treatment unit.

(6) Used for wiping and disinfecting the newborn warm chamber and hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

(7) Used for wiping and disinfecting the supply room and the packaging workbench.

(8) Used for wiping and disinfecting the surface of postoperative operating table, instrument and equipment, the surrounding working table and the related objects.

(9) Used for wiping and disinfecting the surface of other general objects.

2. The advantages of disinfection wet wipes

(1) It is quick and convenient to use, save manpower, compliance is good. There is no need to spend time preparing solutions, cleaning rags, or removing disinfectant residue, so cleaning and disinfection can be completed in one step.

(2) At present, the commonly used disinfectant wet wipes are mainly composed of quaternary ammonium salts, low concentration alcohols and biguanides. Compared with the commonly used chlorine-containing disinfectants, they have low corrosion, low irritation, longer moisturizing time, better sterilization effect and better compatibility with equipment.

(3) The use of disinfection wet wipes can eliminate the misallocation of disinfection solution, and reduce cross infection caused by repeated use of dishcloths and immersion in disinfectant during cleaning and disinfection.

3. Questions to be paid attention to when selecting disinfecting wet wipes

(1) The sterilization spectrum should be targeted. Check the relevant test report of the product. If the test result of the product shows that it can kill Staphylococcus aureus, it can only indicate that the product is effective against Staphylococcus aureus, but not against all gram-positive bacteria including Staphylococcus aureus.

(2) Humidity can reach 0.6g/cm². This means the wet wipes are disinfecting a relatively large area.

(3) The material is good. The material should not only feel comfortable, but more importantly, there is no obstacle when releasing the disinfection factor. If the material selection is not good, it is easy to leave only water instead of disinfection factor in the process of wiping.

(4) Pay attention to the expiration date. The shelf life of ordinary wet wipes is between 6 months and 3 years, while the shelf life of medical disinfection wet wipes is about 2 years. Pay attention to the shelf life of disinfection wet wipes, and there will be no sterilization and disinfection effect after the expiration.

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