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Compressed Towels Provide a Comfortable Traveling Experience

Small body, big energy! It's the disposable compressed towel. This cute little object that looks like candy turns out to be a compressed towel. Maybe you will ask, what is the use of compressed towel? But don't underestimate it, whether it's a business trip or a trip, a compressed towel is an indispensable good thing for you. Nowadays, hotel hygiene problems are frequent.

This is a big problem. How to make travel in a hurry more secure? Like most people, when we travel on business, we all want to bring our own towels, but with too much luggage, it is troublesome to carry, the used towels are wet and difficult to store, and it is more likely to breed bacteria. Fortunately, there are disposable compressed towels which can save these problems. It is specially designed for travel, and easy to carry. Take a few capsules with you when you travel, a small one, which will not take up space anywhere, put it in the side pocket of the bag, put it in the pocket, and take it out whenever you need it.

1. The compressed towel is small in size and easy to carry

A small piece of compressed towel, with candy-like size and appearance, is easy to carry without taking up much luggage space. And each piece is individually packaged, which is clean and hygienic and easy to use.

2. Compressed towels are easy to use, clean and hygienic

The compressed towel can be easily unfolded when it encounters water, and it can be unfolded into a piece of towel after entering the water for 3 seconds. Compressed towels can be discarded after several uses, so you don't need to carry wet towels on the road, which is more hygienic, simple and convenient.

3. The compressed towel is soft and thick, without scraps

The compress towel has a unique texture, which can be cleaned more thoroughly, and can be used to wash your face and remove makeup. After absorbing water and unfolding, it feels very good, and is thicker and softer than ordinary compress towels, and it is not easy to deform after repeated use. The pure cotton material does not shed scraps or lint, so both adults and children can use it with confidence.

The volume of compressed towels is reduced by 80% to 90% compared with ordinary towels, and when used, they swell with water and are intact, thus not only greatly facilitating transportation, carrying and storage, but also making the towels have new functions such as appreciation, present, collection, gift, health and disease prevention, etc., giving new vitality to the original towels and improving the grade of the products.

Because the compressed washcloth has the advantages of being easy to carry, small and exquisite, novel and unique, clean and hygienic, and various in variety, it will become a must-have product for people to travel and do business. In high-end hotels, sauna massages, public baths, hospitals and other places, compressed washcloths can clear people's concerns about towel hygiene. Compressed washcloths can also be given as small gifts, and the unit address, business scope, scenic spots, etc. can be printed on the product as a beautiful, novel and unique souvenir.

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